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Winning on the Voom Tour

Community Manager

Winning on the Voom Tour

Just in case you’ve missed it (where have you been?), the VOOM Tour 2017 is our festival of business, with a major twist of rock 'n' roll.


We’re taking a big red bus all round the UK, popping up at Business shows, and town centres nationwide to offer free advice to Pioneers, startups and small businesses nationwide.


And, VOOM being VOOM, we’re also adding a little something extra. To the tune of a £5,000 prize and brunch with Richard Branson wherever we rock up and have our pitching competition.


The pitching competition is totally free to enter. And we’d love to see more Pioneers give it a go. But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what our first three winners - from London, Dublin and Belfast - have to say about it…


And here’s how you can find out when we’re going to be near you


 Voom Pioneer Winners.png

Meet Lois from Saint Aymes in London, Rosanne from @coroflo in Dublin, and Becca from TapSOS in Belfast. 


How did you hear about the competition?

Becca - I was aware of a similar Virgin competition last year, but felt we were too early to apply. This year it was actually my dad who found the link on Twitter and told me to apply with only 2 hours until the deadline!


Rosanne - We heard about the Voom competition from another start-up company in Dogpatch Labs; co-working technology hubs for start-ups like Dogpatch mean that news and events about the start-up scene spread quickly.


Were you nervous about taking part?

Rosanne - Yes! We knew there was stiff competition which can add to the nerves but on the day but the Virgin team, the judges, the crowd and the other finalists were all so positive and enthusiastic that the nerves dissipated pretty quickly.


Lois - Yes, definitely it is scary to speak in front of people but when you realise you are speaking about something you know so much about and are so passionate about it helps


Would you recommend going along to the Voom Bus to others?

Becca - Yes, absolutely. Even if you aren’t involved with the pitching competition, the Voom bus is there to help with questions or to give business advice. 


Rosanne - Absolutely. The win was an incredible experience for @coroflo; the expertise, the advice, the atmosphere will give any new start-up the motivation to get going or keep going!


Did you get to meet other local startups?

Becca - The start-up community in Belfast is rather close-knit, so I was on stage with a few companies I already knew from the start-up scene. However, I did meet a new local company and also two from Dublin which was great and I now follow their social media pages as I would love to stay in touch. 


Lois - Yes, met a lot of great innovative businesses there was a great atmosphere


Apart from winning, obviously! what did you like about the Voom bus?

Becca - The atmosphere around the bus was fantastic. The Virgin Media Business team were so welcoming and you could really sense they were there to support and guide your business, and believed in your vision. This was very encouraging. 


Rosanne - The Voom bus is incredibly accessible and informal. Everybody and anybody can jump on the bus, ask the experts questions and get advice in a very open, friendly and informal setting.


So where will we find you on the Voom Tour? Check out our handy map to see when we’re coming to a town or city near you.


Oh, and check often. We’re adding new stops all the time!