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What makes a good leader?

Thought Leader

What makes a good leader?

A new US president brings a renewed focus on what “a leader” looks like. But not every leader is the same. Look at the everyday heroes. When you take on your own business, you lead on everything. Meet your new job role as the accountant, designer, marketer – and team tea maker.


You’ve got the experience. So you’ve got a pretty good idea of what makes a true leader. But what are the essential values for a leader that people want to follow?




Forbes asked their readers what qualities they valued most in a leader. The most popular answers were being able to pick the best players, staying motivated and listening.

We wanted to know what our Pioneers think. From our go-getters in small businesses -
What qualities do you think are important in leadership?


International business person, household names and (maybe) your first ever boss are all in the running to be the best leaders. So who do you think has got it - and what exactly is it that they’ve got?