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What VMP did for our business

Thought Leader

What VMP did for our business

Being a Virgin Media Pioneer


What has it done for our business?


We joined Virgin Media Pioneers when our Business was in it’s infancy.


My brother worked for Virgin Media and brought it to my attention.


I enrolled and started making connections.

Before long, Virgin Media Pioneers became aware of our business and they approached us and said they would like to make us ‘Pioneers of the week’.


We could not believe it,… our little business being recognised by this Mahoosive Company?

We rolled with it….


A photographer came and to our pictures and we answered questions on our business.

Word spread to our local press and before we knew it we were in almost every local publication going.

People who weren’t aware of us became interested and we used this to our advantage.


We used the Virgin Media Pioneer badge on our website and it gave us some serious kudos!


Around the same time, we were trying to get on to the festival circuit.

We were really wanting to get in to V Fest – obviously as pioneers, it was high on our list of ‘Must go to Festivals’.


Through the application process, we found our self in touch with a lady and we mentioned we had been awarded Pioneers of the Week.

To cut a long story short, we were shortlisted to attend the “Louder Lounge’ within V Fest which is the celebrity hangout – wall to wall celebs, interactive stuff happening all over, VIP toilets, posh showers and a free bar…….. – as you can imagine, it was really hard work!


It was actually!

We worked non stop for 3 days along other pioneers whose businesses had caught the eye of Virgin Media.


Those two days of hard work paid off!


Getting your product and brand in front of so many influential people is absolutely PRICELESS – and it’s a great networking opportunity too!

We even met producers from ITV and buyers from Superdrug – which we have since done business with.

V Fest was a massive catalyst for our business, and we wouldn't be where we are today without it!


Getting your business out there on the VM Pioneers forum is a must – Get Active, Get Involved, Get Ahead!


We are living proof that you can do it!


Happy to read motivational words here and right from the horses mouth as they say. Can you share to us your current challenges where you were been in application of the tools shared learnings by VMP ? Were quite thrilled and excited to be at the front seat to hear it and maybe apply some of it if necessary applicable to our each own endeavors. Your words are worth a million . Thank you -Paquito

Thought Leader

Hi Paquito, 


Our current challenge is getting organised for this weeekend.

We are due to appear on draagons Den on BBC.

This will create a lot of work for our team of 4.

Luckily we have a lot of family and friends who are willing to help out, but if any one from VMP is free on Monday....

VMP provided us with the springboard to get our business seen when we were just starting out.

Becoming a Virgin Media Pionner was the catalyst to getting our business off the ground.  The other tools that we used were the workshops.

Not only are they very educational, but a great networking opportunity.

Sharing and asking advice on here is also a great way of learning because you are speaking to people who are in the same boat, or who have made mistakes in certain areas and can warn you of the pitfalls.

Hope this helps - make sure you tune in on Sunday xxx