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We’ve got some big news!

Thought Leader

We’ve got some big news!

Notice anything new about us?


Once a Pioneer, always a Pioneer. That’s our philosophy.


But, as you might suspect we’re always trying to work out how to improve the Pioneers community. How can we encourage more connections? How can we better address the issues that small businesses face? How can we make the community more…fun?


Last year we asked a group of existing Pioneers what else they wanted from the community. We also asked people who entered the Voom Pitch competition how Virgin Media Business could support them better. It turned out Pioneers wanted more of the energy and support they saw in the competition, and those who took part in the competition wanted more of the peer-to-peer support they saw in the Pioneers community.


So we’ve decided to try and make that happen.

 Twitter 1024x512.jpg


We listened.


We’re delighted to announce that today we’re taking the first steps towards creating a community made up of dreamers, entrepreneurs and small business owners, where people can easily connect with like-minded professionals.


Not only that, this is also the place to find out everything you need about our Voom Tour across the UK, as well as the next Voom Pitch competition.


So what’s changing?


You, our Voom Pioneers, are the founding members of this community.


Other than our new name, you might not notice too much of a difference here to start with – except maybe a few new faces. You can still get advice, be inspired, and ask any burning questions you have on the forum. That won’t ever change.


But behind the scenes we’re already planning how we can help you find even more local connections, learn new skills, meet like-minded people in local workshops, and find mentoring opportunities.


We’ll keep you up to date with what’s coming next. Watch this space for some big things to appear later in 2017.


Welcome to Voom Pioneers.


Any questions?



Sounds great. Can't wait to see the developments! 




Kallum with a K