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Voting has closed for #VOOM 2018

Community Manager

Voting has closed for #VOOM 2018

Voting-closed-insta.jpgThe semi-finalists, from the two main categories ‘Spark & Startup’ and ‘Scale & Grow’, will be informed this week by email which will also give them everything they need to know ahead of Monday’s event.



Here's some more information from the VOOM 2018 competition website.


Fingers crossed pioneers!

Well Connected

I really need to stop checking my email every 5 mins!!  I feel like I need a "calm down - we're sorting it" email or something!  For now Emma I will just take your word for it!

Have some of the subsiduary awards already started to call people in to pitch?  I have seen some confusing posts from other entrants.

Community Manager

Aww @VictoriaV-ATE thanks for shring your thoughts, competitions can be very nerve-wracking. Congratulations on taking part!


There's a sort of "calm down we're sorting it out" style front page on the competition website right not, but can totally understand the nerves, lots of people must be feeling similarly today! I recommend a calming cup of tea, though other beverages are available if tea isn't your thing 🙂


As for other entrants' posts, some of the partner awards are shortlisting this week, so different messaging will be going out to different entrants depending on what was entered.