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Voom Tour: Catch-up with Storage Shepherd

Community Manager

Voom Tour: Catch-up with Storage Shepherd

We chat to Max, @maxhaydon, and Jeffrey, @StorageShepherd, founders of Storage Shepherd and winners of Pitch: Newcastle


Tell us about your team.

Untitled design (22).pngMax Haydon: My role is to focus on the growth of the business and the product development. I also work as an Army Officer in my spare time.


Jeffery Widjaja: And I oversee the day-to-day operations and marketing of the business. I’m an avid ice skater and I love chocolate & cheese as a pairing.


What is Storage Shepherd?

Basically, the Airbnb for storage. We connect people with free space in their homes, offices, warehouses to people who need cheap, local and convenient storage space.


How and why did you come up with the idea?

We came up with this idea through our own experiences of using self-storage. It was a hassle, very expensive and you didn’t get a satisfying customer experience at the end of it. Realising there must be a better way to do this; we created Storage Shepherd.


What brought you along to the Voom Tour?

It’s fair to say that Richard Branson is an inspiration to all new entrepreneurs. He’s also a huge supporter of the sharing economy. The Voom Tour seemed like a perfect fit for our business and we learned a huge amount from the supporting partners.


What were the best and worst bits about taking part?

The best bit was the network that we built as a result of attending the Voom Tour. We even received a free advertising campaign from an entrepreneur who was standing in the crowd! The worst part was definitely the torrential rain that decided to start during our pitch.


Since we saw you at the big red bus, what’s the news from Storage Shepherd?

We’ve officially launched our Storage Shepherd website! Our digital ad is also running outside the Old Eldon Square so if you’re passing by, you may be able to spot it!


Update: They have also just won one of Crowdfunder's 1K online pitching competitions!


Who would you like to connect with?

Funding, tech and marketing Pioneers.


Would you recommend the Voom Tour?

Put yourself out there and go for it. There’s nothing to lose, but plenty to gain. You’ll be missing out on potential opportunities and networks if you miss out!


Find out more about the Voom Tour's next stops and meet the business experts at the big red bus!

Community Team

So, how's it going since the pitch @StorageShepherd? I saw there was a bit of media interest in what you're doing. And I guess back to Uni is a busy time for you as well?


Hi Chris! Yea great thanks! We've also won Crowdfunder's crowdfunding competition and we've also had a couple of sign ups and listings recently so things are looking good! Haha no we're actually graduates now so full-time Storage Shepherd for us Smiley Happy

Community Team

Glad to hear it. I actually wondered if Students going back to Uni meant lots of storage changing places, not you guys Smiley Wink And great stuff about the Crowdfunder competition as well. You're on a roll!


Oh right ok hahaha my bad Smiley LOL We're currently doing a push on finding hosts & listing spaces at the moment to meet the demand. Yes!!!!