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Voom Tour: Catch-up with Coroflo

Community Manager

Voom Tour: Catch-up with Coroflo

We chat to Helen from Coroflo, our Pitch: Dublin winners about what happened next…


Tell us about your team.

Untitled design (20).pngWhen pregnant, I knew I wanted to give breastfeeding a go. My son was born tiny (less than 5 pounds at full term!); so weight gain suddenly became very important. The only way to check was week-to-week weigh-ins and pre and post-feed weight checks. Waiting for results was extremely stressful and it was immediately clear that pre and post-feeds weights varied wildly with little accuracy. My husband Jamie and I searched the market but no product existed to tell me how much breast milk my son was getting. I needed immediate and accurate information!


Jamie coincidentally had worked on flow monitoring in another sector; he had an idea of a groundbreaking technology that could be the answer.


Rosanne, @coroflo, over many late dinners, listened to us and noticed many other friends with similar issues. She had a vision, saw an opportunity and an idea was born.


(Helen is Coroflow’s Chief Research Officer, Jamie’s their CTO and Roseanne’s the CEO.)


What is Coroflo?

We’re developing the world’s first accurate breastfeeding monitor, the ‘Coro’.


The Coro is a revolutionary shield with inbuilt flow measurement, the only product to give accurate, precise, and real-time data. It’s similar to the standard silicone shield on the market, however the Coro tells mothers how much milk flows through it. The patented sensor is non-invasive and tiny. The size of the feed-area is no different to shields currently available and the device can be used in exactly the same way. And it’s self-contained so there’s no need for wires or chargers.


How and why did you come up with the idea?

Our co-founders came up with the idea from their own experience of having a tiny baby of their own.


We then realised this is a global problem that we could potentially solve.


Because of the enormous benefits, the World Health Organisation recommends mothers to exclusively breastfeed to 6 months. However, worldwide, the number one reason identified for premature weaning is fear of low supply. Up to ​60% of women give not knowing how much milk their baby is getting, as the main reason for discontinuing feeding sooner than planned. The majority of women, even when provided with information about monitoring wet nappies, are not confident enough to recognise when their baby has enough milk.


In fact in the UK, more than 3/4 of women who start breastfeeding stop by 6 weeks. By 6 months only 1% exclusively breastfeed.


The Coro is the only product on the market giving accurate, precise, and real-time data. Giving mothers reassurance that baby is getting enough, or an early indicator to seek assistance if needed.


What brought you along to the Voom Tour?

We heard about it from other start-ups in our community, Dogpatch Labs in Dublin. However, we’ve always been fans of Iseult Ward of FoodCloud (runner up in VOOM 2016). FoodCloud has given so many Irish start-ups the inspiration and motivation to go for it!


What were the best and worst bits about taking part?

Coroflo started out (formally) in April 2017 so the Voom Tour was our first rodeo! The best bit was by far the people we met, from amazing previous winners (hearing their journey pre-and post-start-up phase and how #VOOM impacted their business), to the other entrepreneurs at the same stage at us. These entrepreneurs came from across fintech, edtech, medtech, IOT and many more. Since the competition, we’ve followed their progress and it’s great to know there are others out there in the same boat as us – now we pick up the phone for a chat! Without #VOOM, our paths wouldn’t have crossed so that’s been a terrific result for us.


It’s fair to say the nerves on the day were the worst part. Luckily it was a beautiful sunny day in Dublin and we spent a few hours prior to the pitch, outside the big red bus (in the unfamiliar Irish sun!) meeting the other pitchers, the #VOOM team, the experts and the media, which settled the nerves as much as possible before we took to the stage. 


Since we saw you at the big red bus, what’s the news from Coroflo?

The exposure we got after winning Voom Dublin was incredible and since then things have been going very well for Coroflo. We enter beta testing next month and are engaging with universities, hospitals and retailers about our launch to the Irish market in 2018.


Who would you like to connect with?

Funding, medical and family-centric Pioneers.


Would you recommend the Voom Tour?

As an entrepreneur with a potentially new and amazing product/service, you can spend valuable time wondering, doubting, deliberating many decisions – #VOOM should not be one of them! Regardless of who wins, you have everything to gain by entering and nothing to lose.