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#VOOM2016 Finale!

Thought Leader

#VOOM2016 Finale!

This year’s VOOM has been bigger and better than ever before – with half a million votes verified, 160 businesses shortlisting and of course, the small matter of setting a Guinness World Record.


Hosted at the ITV studios on London’s iconic Southbank, nearly 600 people gathered to see the finalists pitch to a panel of star-studded judges including Richard Branson, Virgin Media Business MD Peter Kelly, supermodel Tyra Banks, Spanx founder Sara Blakely and YouTube sensation Marcus Butler.


At 10am the Virgin Media Pioneers team was raring to go - excitedly gathered around the studio doors surrounded by some of the biggest names in the Pioneers community. Pioneers including Ronke Oke (BEM), Nathaniel Peat and Abdul Khan came together for the event and to support our Pioneer Luke Massie pitching Vibe Tickets – cue a selfie!

Sat in the darkness of the studio audience space, the crowd buzzed with anticipation before spot lights dazzled and red light filled the room – the judges had arrived! Dishing out some last minute advice Richard Branson reminisced on his first venture, that infamous student magazine, whilst Tyra Banks reminded pitchers to “stay present and stay in the moment. If something goes wrong, react to it and then go back to your pitch”.


There were six entrants to pitch across the two categories. Within the Grow category, for businesses already making money and looking to make more, sat Bio-Bean, Foodcloud and Sibberi Tree Water. For the Start-up category, for fresh and exciting businesses in their early stages with stacks of potential, sat Macrebur, E-Foldi and Vibe Tickets.

Among the finalist businesses sustainability was a strong theme. Food Cloud captivated Richard with their simple and easy solution to connecting super markets with food waste to charities and Sibberi Tree Water implores not only a healthy lifestyle but saving forests and using trees in a commercial but sustainable way.


Our very own Pioneer Luke Massie of Vibe Tickets stepped up as third to pitch, walking along the low-lit platform as his self-told story projected onto the walls. As the lights came up, Luke’s pitch flowed effortlessly and he radiated cool, calm, confidence. Timed to the second, his speech came to a close just in time and the judges began their questions. Founder of Spanx, Sara Blakely asked if Luke was worried about the lack of control over his inventory, effectively the tickets that are being sold are dependent on tours and events that are out of his control. With extensive knowledge of the industry Luke offered his insight that actually tickets are always in demand, but many venues or artists will claim tickets are sold or selling out to raise prices. Vibe Tickets prides themselves on transparency and empowers the seller to keep prices fair by not charging for their service and giving the fans a chance to connect and create communities. Luke’s knowledge shone throughout his pitch and Q&A session, encouraging interest from the judges throughout.


Ultimately the judge’s decision ruled in favour of two winners, Bio-Bean and Macrebur. Bio-Bean creates valuable use from coffee wastage whilst Macrebur recycles plastic into pot-hole fillers to make roads safer and cut down land-fill.

Huge congratulations to all of the winners –a massive hi-five to our Pioneer for being the ultimate #VOOMer in our eyes!


Brilliant quality of Finalists - huge fan of Bio Bean in particular! 

Thought Leader

Was certainly a new experience being an entrant on VOOM and after watching most of the pitchathon as well as the live final, it was great to see everyone give it their best.


I wish the winners and all those who entered VOOM the very best for the future.