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The Round-up: pandas, podcasts and something to ponder…

Community Manager

The Round-up: pandas, podcasts and something to ponder…

The Voom Podcast

image.jpgIt’s back! This season, the iTunes chart-topping podcast stars industry-altering innovators.


Episode 1: Craig Sams, original cofounder of Green & Black’s chocolate, chats to Iseult Ward from Foodcloud about waste, fairness – and the future of your dinner.


Join Nikki Bedi for our third series, check out the trailer for a sneak preview.



Pioneer of the Week: Chris Forbes of The Cheeky Panda

Loo roll made of bamboo is the subject of our surprisingly sweet Pioneer of the Week. The Cheeky Panda are looking to change the world one wipe at a time – and they’re on the hunt for supermarket buyers (can you help @TheCheekyPanda?).


Voom Tour catch-up with TapSOS

Tap SOS Catch Up.pngWe caught-up with @becca_hume from TapSOS to find out more about their incredibly clever app and what it's like to take part in the Voom Tour pitching competition.


Winning the Pitch: Belfast was just the beginning.


It’s in the bag for Madlug

We’re keeping our fingers crossed for Madlug after their funding success. Can't wait to see how their brand of bags with a social conscience is going to grow now.

Got a question for Beauty Boulevard?

The Beauty Boulevard team, Rachel @BeautyBlvd and Paula, are hosting #AskAPioneer next week, so check them out and then pick their brains. (They survived Dragon’s Den, so they’re ready for anything you can chuck at them!). 


Why are we here?

This insightful discussion thread made us wonder what we can do to make our community more useful. How could other Pioneers help your business? What can you offer (and how can we make this easier for you)?

It’s your community; it should work for you.

Where are all the Pioneers?

Being an engaged Voom Pioneer I'm constantly looking for how else can I help others and what would benefit my business? 

Well Connected

The Cheeky Panda was invited to go on Dragon's Den but we turned it down as we felt they would want to much equity for not enough investment.   We have raised  £460k for 9% on Seedrs crowd platform instead. That will really make us #voom