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The Round-up: how to have a prosperous New Year

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The Round-up: how to have a prosperous New Year

It’s your last round-up of 2017! So feast your eyeballs on amazing Pioneers, share your expertise, and check out who made it into Richard Branson’s new book. Then have a lovely Christmas break (well, put your mobile down for pudding, at least 😉).


Y.O.U. made it!

They’re an organic cotton underwear brand that gives back and Y.O.U. has just made their crowdfunding target on Kickstarter. Definitely a happy YOU year! Well done @sarahjordan and Lily!

Nightire need your eyeballs

Join the conversation sq.pngSleepwear brand Nightire founded by have just launched their website and are looking for feedback. Can you take a moment to help @clarknina? Get constructive people Smiley Happy


me: now wants you: now

@barrythompson would also like your expert views, check out these social ads and let him know what you think. There’s a lot of talent in our community; let’s spread the love.


Who got a Branson shout out?

@ronkeige @zoejacksonltd @abdulkhan certainly made an impression on fellow Pioneer Richard – they’ve made it into his new book, Finding My Virginity. Thanks to superfast reader @Nat_Peat for spotting it!
Ronke Oke Instagram.png


Cornish independents

Fresh from being Pioneers of the Week, Lee and Dan of Cohort Hostel just picked up Bronze at the British Youth Travel Awards. Nice way to round off the year. Well done team @Cohort_Hostel!

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We asked to hear your most exciting news from 2017.

Want to be inspired for the New Year?


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We wish you a Christmas Market

It’s filling up nicely but (as if you needed telling!) the big day’s nearly here so add your products or buy some entrepreneurial presents – quick!