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Stars of our Charity Raffle

Thought Leader

Stars of our Charity Raffle

Virgin Media has some big sustainability goals (Pioneers being one of them!) but as well as supporting small businesses and growing responsibly we have also partnered with the disability charity Scope.


We’re a year into our two year partnership with Scope and have already raised an incredible £140,000, supported the awareness of Scope and Channel 4’s End The Awkward campaign and increased awareness all over the UK to our 13,000 staff about the important work that Scope do.


But just last week, we decided to bring our incredible Pioneers into the mix! In yet another fund raising bonanza we created a charity raffle, selling tickets to our staff around the country for lots of exciting prizes. We shouted out to our community of entrepreneurs and had some wonderfully varied replies of never-ending generosity.


Meet the stars of our charity raffle:


Real Hot Choc Co.

Pioneer Pip always found that a mug of soothing hot chocolate calmed him down from his hectic lifestyle, but hated that most of the options were processed instant powders. He decided to create a luxurious real hot chocolate that really hit the spot. Pip has developed various delicious flavours including Red Velvet and Chocolate Orange, and what’s more – they’re all vegan friendly so everyone can enjoy them! Simply melt the real hot chocolate shavings into milk on the hob and you’ll have a rich, creamy chocolatey drink to enjoy. Whether you’re a consumer or a business, you can buy Pip’s products – he actually designed his business with selling to cafes in mind!

Say hi to Pip on Twitter or over on the Pioneers forum

Pip's Choc.png


Pioneer Shoned worked in Sports Development and had always been passionate about looking after herself physically with a strong interest in beauty. After professionally spray tanning for 4 years, Shoned had gained a lot of market research into what made the perfect tan. She realised that most fake tan products smelt strange, could become patchy and didn’t always suit the skin tone of the wearer. In true entrepreneur spirit she decided to create her own and has made a product that develops into a gorgeous golden colour (we can vouch for this, we’ve tried it and loved it!) and smells great. This is the first fake tanning product to come from Wales, where Shoned is proud to be from. Shoned stocks over 25 salons so get in touch if you want to discuss B2B options!


Say hi to Shoned on Twitter or over on the Pioneers forum


Whitebits.pngThe First Gifts

Pioneer Elaine met her Kuwaiti husband in 1980 at college and followed him back to his homeland where she has lived ever since. Experiencing this new world of culture, Elaine become intrigued by the  mystical looking souks selling fragrant Frankincense and Myrrh which is still used in many ways in that area and wanted to try some for herself. She has since created a line of enchanting gifts, packaged in the most beautiful, intricate golden packaging including incense burners and flasks of gold foil. A favourite of ours is her ornate wooden box embellished with Mother of Pearl.


Take a look at Elaine’s Facebook page and check out their website.


Raffle Prize.pngMake sure to check out all of our star Pioneers and shout out to them on the forum with any questions or business ideas!


Do you have products that Virgin Media could use at an event or forthcoming raffle? If so get in touch, we’re always looking for hospitality or gifts to showcase at our events!


To my fellow Virgin Media/ Scope charity stars, I just noticed we are all from Wales! Love your products Pip and Shoned, Da Iawn!