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Share a love for your business?

Thought Leader

Share a love for your business?

Love is in the air. Or so we’ve been told this week.


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Forget roses. It’s the couples with a love for entrepreneurship who are really blooming. All 1.4 million of them.


Ask any entrepreneur, and they’ll tell you that starting up can be lonely process. Advice and a second opinion are sometimes invaluable. When it comes to the person you trust the most - could you go into business with your (ahem) partner?


Say hello to entrepreneurship and your personal life starts to blend with your work. But could you cope with a blurred line between the bedroom and the boardroom? Or do you prefer to keep your personal life separate from work?


In some cases sharing a love for business can turn into a huge success. Eventbrite was founded by husband and wife team Julia and Kevin Hartz, and some Pioneers may remember the power partnership and founders of Narratively Limited, Madeline and David McQueen, who hosted our Global Entrepreneurship Week masterclasses.

Whether you’re doing it on your own or not, we want to know - would you ever go into business with your partner?