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Pioneer of the Week: Ukaylah Campbell of Ukaylah Unique

Thought Leader

Pioneer of the Week: Ukaylah Campbell of Ukaylah Unique

ukaylah.jpgName            Ukaylah Campbell
From              London
Business        Ukaylah Unique – events planning business



I'm the owner of Ukaylah Unique, an events planning company that specialises in launches, networking and corporate events. I started up professionally in August 2016 after years of organising events for my friends.


Two interesting facts about me -

  1. I love to give people a memorable experience!
  2. My business started when I launched Strickly Queens, an annual event to empower women in business.

Here's what happened at Strickly Queens last year...

What has been your biggest challenge?

I used to assume branding meant having a name and logo for your business. But after building my client list, I realised my business needed an identity. So to overcome this I did a lot of research. How were other event companies doing their branding so well? What message were they sending out to their client base? I’m launching my website this week, and learnt from this experience how important it is to keep my branding consistent.


What experience really helped your business VOOM?

The first time I ever pitched in front of a large audience was at the pitch your piece masterclass at Virgin Media Pioneers’ #GEW2016 events. As soon I as started speaking, I realised how much I believed in my business and where it could go. The feedback I got from the other founders attending the event gave me a lot of confidence. I felt passionate about what I was saying and knew I was doing the right thing with my business. Bring on the investors - I'm now ready to pitch to anyone.


Where do you work?

My company originally started from my home. Now you can spot me in local cafes or open spaces whilst I’m searching for my future office space. I really enjoy the flexibility to work in different spaces, and working in events means that there is a lot of variation to where I am working. 


What do you love about your business?

I love putting in the hard work and seeing the outcome that makes my clients happy! When I see that I’ve made an event memorable and given attendees a great experience, that’s when I’m at my happiest. It motivates me to keep going.


What advice could you give to other start-ups about your industry?
There are thousands of event planners out there. So find out what makes your brand authentic. What is your niche? Once you’ve figured that out, you can run with it. It may not progress as quickly as you expect, but keep going and remember why you started your business in the first place.


What would you like to ask our Pioneers?

Where are the best places to seek funding for upcoming projects?


To be an entrepreneur... you need to take risks and do everything with passion and vision.


If you want to connect with Ukaylah, comment below @ukaylah...
Or follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

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 Well done Ukaylah... inspirational.

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