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Pioneer of the Week: Melissa of Luxury Events Group

Thought Leader

Pioneer of the Week: Melissa of Luxury Events Group

Melissa Luxury Events.pngTell us 3 important things we should know about you.

    • I am very driven.
    • I believe confidence is all it takes to succeed. 
    • I am a natural creative.



Tell us about your business. How did it start? Did you set it up alone or with a team?

It all started with an idea. When planning my own wedding in 2010 I realised how hard it was to source products and services that were different to what everyone else had. I set up an Ebay Shop working from home while still being employed at the same time, this was back in January 2015. By the third month I became so busy I had to make the decision whether to leave employment or make the business work 100% - I re branded the company and started the venue styling side of the business in June 2015. We are now a venue styling company for weddings and events with a team of four:- Alice Hale who is one of our Venue Stylists and Creative Content Writers, Ruth Willis who is our Graphic Design Intern, Melissa Lawrence who is another one of our Creative Stylists and June Deacon who starts with us in May as a Venue Stylist.

What do you love most about running your own business?

What don’t I love?! There are virtually no words to describe it.

Tell us about a challenging experience you’ve faced in the process of starting up your business and how you overcame it.

I have had my fair share of challenges! The biggest challenge I would say is when we had to re-brand. I didn’t quite anticipate the amount of work and dedication it was going to involve! We had 54 weddings and events alone in 2016 and having to update every single customer, company and legal firm was a very long process! Thankfully we hired a Graphic Design Intern who really helped with the marketing and re-brand for the website. It was definitely a huge challenge, however with the help of my mentor and team we overcame it and it now runs perfectly!

What advice could you give to other startups about starting up in your industry?

Keep going – running a business is not easy, neither is it supposed to be. You will have some bad days but if you keep on going you will make it!

Think outside the box at all times. It’s important that a business continuously evolves.

Network like crazy!

Can you share an experience that really helped you take your business forward? 

I would say getting a mentor was the best thing I ever did. A mentor not only helps you to remain focussed at all times but pushes and breaks the boundaries that as a business owner you sometimes are afraid to step outside of. I am fortunate to have a fellow Pioneer as my mentor (Nathaniel Peat) who is not afraid to tell me if something is wrong in order for everything to be right! I have made huge changes within my business thanks to my mentor including one of the biggest decisions we made in changing our company name.

Luxury Events Group3

Many people start their businesses at home, where do you work? What do you love about it? 

I started at home and do work from home at times as I have two young children under 5! I spend most of my time at The Enterprise Centre in Manchester where I rent my own office for customer and business consultations.

What are three things you know now, that you wish someone had told you when you first started?

Business is going to get harder, not easier.

The process for import from another country is a lot more complex than it may seem.

Get a mentor in the early stages to avoid making crucial business errors.

Is there anything specific you’d like to ask or share with the Virgin Media Pioneers community?

We are booked every week of 2016 for weddings and events, we are looking for keen photographers, florists, and natural creatives to share their expertise. We’re also very interested in speaking with those who have knowledge of destination weddings and events.

Finish the sentence: To be an entrepreneur…

Is to be limitless, at all times.

Check out Luxury Events Group online or send them a tweet!

Well Connected

Known Melissa for years, and to see her grow from strength to strength is an inspiration and very encouraging. It inspires me to grow my business as Digital Marketing Consultant in the West Midlands

Excited to see how big her business grows and her influence