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Pioneer of the Week: Kayleigh Angus of Lily England

Thought Leader

Pioneer of the Week: Kayleigh Angus of Lily England

kayleigh co founder lily england.jpgName            Kayleigh Angus
From              Brighton / London
Business        Lily England

I’m Kayleigh, co-founder of Lily England. We sell a variety of hair brushes, makeup brushes and other accessories online.


Two interesting facts about me -
1. I was turned down by the universities I applied for. Instead, I moved to London and began my career by interning.
2. Before starting Lily England I was a social media manager for some of the UK’s top retailers.


What made you start your business?
I used to work on social media beauty campaigns for Selfridges and Burberry. In my day job I would see all these amazing products, but it was difficult to find versions that were affordable. I wanted to use pretty, high quality and cruelty-free beauty products that didn’t break the bank. So that’s exactly what I wanted to do by launching my own brand Lily England.


How did you start your business?
The business started from my living room table with my husband. When we first started Lily England we already had our own separate part-time businesses. We loved our own ventures and wanted to combine our skills to see if we could launch a successful brand together. After a lot of talk and research including sourcing products, finding good factories to work with, we launched our first product online in September 2015, the Lily England Detangling Brush. To this day it’s still our bestseller!



What do you love most about being an entrepreneur?
I love creating new products. Seeing a product go from a sketch on a notepad to a product in my hand is an amazing, rewarding feeling.


What has been the biggest challenge for you so far?
When the business first kicked off we tried to expand it rapidly. Designing the products and managing our social media has been second nature. But it’s a huge challenge to juggle so many different roles that I didn’t have any prior expertise in. We’re now working on getting the right support in place and hiring the right people to help us grow.


Can you share an experience that really helped you take your business forward?
In 2016 we went on a trip to China so that we could meet some of our suppliers face to face. It gave us a chance to take a look at some factories, meet new potential suppliers and really see what goes into making our products step by step. It felt like a real gamble at the time to go all that way, but it totally paid off.  


Can you help @kayleighangus? -

Are there any PR people who want to be a part of our growing success? If anyone has any contacts or can help, please comment below!


You can find out more about Kayleigh by following Lily England on Instagram, Twitter, or by tagging @kayleighangus in the comments below.

 lily england rose_gold_makeup_brush_set.jpg




Very grateful to be pioneer of the week! Have been apart of the VMP community since 2011 and excited to still be apart of it today and in the future. Would love to connect with more of you. 


Kayleigh Smiley Happy