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Pioneer of the Week: David Katz of Plastic Bank

Thought Leader

Pioneer of the Week: David Katz of Plastic Bank


IMG_1650.JPGName            David Katz
Business        Plastic Bank


I’m the founder of Plastic Bank, where we are building a global convenience store chain for those in need. It’s a store with a real difference – people can pay for anything and everything using discarded plastic. We’re cleaning the ocean and helping to alleviate poverty.


Two interesting facts about me -

1. At 15, I was rescued at sea after my father had a heart attack in 20 foot waves.  

2. I try to have as many experiences with my family as possible - my 11 year old has travelled to over 35 countries.


Why did you start your business?

Since being a child I have always loved the oceans and the all the life it holds. I’ve been a social entrepreneur for over 20 years, and starting Plastic Bank in 2013 was my chance to really make a difference to cleaning up the oceans, whilst helping those in poverty. My strong belief that this was the right thing to do is what really made me go and do it.

What do you love about being an entrepreneur?

It's definitely not the sleepless nights! The opportunity to live freely and create change, are the core values that define my everyday actions. There are not many other opportunities in life that allow you to always be working towards your values.


What has been the biggest challenge so far?

The biggest challenge for me has always and only been, believing in myself. In a social enterprise you need to always believe in what you could be doing and how you can create that change. Typically we can only imagine our future from what we already know, but to make a change you have to disrupt that thinking. At first it was difficult to persuade others that we would be tackling poverty and waste in the ocean through one business.

But in the years we’ve been going we’ve managed to build a strong following for our cause – on our Facebook community alone we have over a million followers.

What do you wish you knew when you first started in business?

I wish I knew that everything I faced on the way was there to instruct me, not obstruct me.

Looking for an opportunity? -

We’re looking for businesses to join us in creating change by alleviating poverty and ocean plastics. Comment below if you’d like to connect with us.  

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