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Make your voice heard in our disruptive new campaign #PowerUp

Thought Leader

Make your voice heard in our disruptive new campaign #PowerUp

12969210_10154170063504917_2143565850_nWe're crowdsourcing ideas on what the biggest struggles are for small businesses - take part in our survey!


Virgin Media Pioneers has always been a champion of entrepreneurs and small businesses.

It's why we were created; to inspire, connect and help you get ahead. To do this we believe it’s important to ask “what are your objectives and what’s stopping you from achieving them?”

We're proud to of made some exciting changes on behalf of our Pioneers in the past, like introducing start-up loans, but we think it's time to be more disruptive in our industry.

That's why we're asking you what wall you want us to kick down next in our new campaign #PowerUp.

To launch #PowerUp we want to hear about your problems, what's slowing you down and what you need to help your business grow.

Help us shake up the business world for the better and take part in our survey - it's your chance to make your voice heard and be part of something BIG!