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Looking for the next generation of female founders

Thought Leader

Looking for the next generation of female founders

You’re unstoppable. Go spread the word.


Twitter was full of inspiration on Tuesday as #shemeansbusiness took over our newsfeeds. And we couldn’t be happier. Inspiring entrepreneurs shared their encouragements for more women to take their business ideas and make them happen.


So why do we need #shemeansbusiness? The FSB women in enterprise report shows that only a fifth of business founders in the UK are women. But even worse, not enough women with an entrepreneurial streak are being encouraged to run with their idea. If the women that wanted to start their own business did so, the UK economy would have a £20 billion boost. That’s a lot of ideas we’re missing out on.


Our Pioneers are setting the example. Paula Wilkinson from Mums Bake Cakes is aiming to double the amount of bakers she uses this year, and Shoned Owen of TANya WHITEbits is creating a huge fan base for her tanning products.

After all your experiences in the business world, do you think female entrepreneurs are being encouraged enough?

Everyone deserves that extra boost. So to end the week, tell us which female founder inspires you the most.

Do you swear by Carrie Green? Or are you following the footsteps of Sheryl Sandberg?


Thought Leader

Thank you for mentioning mums bake cakes, and although I am the founder, I do feel that the success is down to the amazing bakers we have- as they are the ones hand delivering in person their cakes and bakes that they have created and spreading smiles across the UK! If I was to think of an inspirational female - I would put Kerren Brady at the top of my list- a lady who broke into a 'mans world' of football,  and even today champions women in business- and always with a smile on her face!


I meet mums all the time who have a lack of confidence and belief in themselves. I too experienced moments of fear that could have stopped my entrepreneurial journey. I'd like to see more support around not just building personal confidence but business planning/strategy support to reassure that it's viable and supports the Mumpreneurs to gain support from those around them. Ideas and passion are already there, the business knowledge could be improved!