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International Women's Day: Pioneer Shoned Owen on her female influences

Thought Leader

International Women's Day: Pioneer Shoned Owen on her female influences

For me as a woman in business, I look up to the likes of Mhairi Black for her passion and honesty in parliament by standing up for women, and Karen Brady for changing attitudes in her breakthrough of achievements in a male dominated industry.


However, having recently read Michelle Mone's autobiography, I feel she is a truly inspirational woman who worked herself to the top and started with absolutely nothing. Michelle is dyslexic and like me, was never top of the class in school. I could totally relate to her on that level as school was always a struggle for me. 


We also both started to shine in our careers after school as I am not academically motivated. I recently tweeted to Michelle whilst on my way down to London for the Professional Beauty Show and was over the moon when she tweeted back. I can see some character traits in both of us which encourages me, for example Michelle carries a notebook around and would write in it in the middle of the night if an idea came to mind. Michelle has inspired me to keep going, we both have passion and determination and she has further motivated me to never take no as a final answer and always look for another door to open in your favour.




On a personal level and most importantly to me, my mum is my hero. She was a single parent and brought me and my sister up through difficult financial times but gave us the happiest childhood by giving us her time which was priceless. She gave us her everything and went without herself and I will always be grateful to her for that. Her influence laid a strong foundation in me which made me grateful as an adult for the little things. I was very proud recently to receive accolades through my business- Tanya Whitebits as Virgin Media's Pioneer of the Week, marketing company Bright Pig'd Small Business of the Week as Chosen by BBC Dragon's den Theo Paphitis and most recently I became Network She's New Business of the Year 2016 on International Women's Day.


These women are my strongest influences and have given me a bench mark in business to follow their exceptional examples by being determined, transparent, honest, true and independent.

Thought Leader
Amazing Shoned!
Well Done!!!!
P.S Loving the Lipstick........
Love Rachel & Paula
Glitter Lips by Beauty Bouleard xx

Dear Shoned,


Many thanks for sharing such a humbling and inspiring story! 


On the very topic of feminine leadership, I delivered a talk at the Women Techmakers' Conference in Algiers on International Women's Day 2016. It was an extremely insightful experience - you can read about my reflections here.


What was clear to me is that whilst we need to empower and celebrate women in business (and in every other aspect of life), each of us must also do the inner (and outer) work to integrate both feminine and masculine qualities, in order to become integrated and whole leaders.


Happy reading!