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If ... We Could Pitch At VOOM ...

Thought Leader

If ... We Could Pitch At VOOM ...

This is part of what we'd say:

What do you think of when you hear the word crisis?

You wouldn’t be on your own if you said refugees, a natural disaster or something along those lines - something that affects hundreds of people in one moment. However right now thousands of people across the UK are struggling with a life crisis. It could be unemployment, mental illness, isolation - the list is endless and each one can devastate someone’s life, sometimes in a fraction of a second. The impact this crisis can have is often amplified if they’re unable to find or access the help they need - when they need it.


There are over 200,000 charities & community projects in the UK that provide essential support. However, to date, there is no one place that brings them together so that they can be searched for based on location or a specific service. Crazy really when you can go to Google maps and find a hotel or restaurant in virtually any town across the world and then make an informed decision.


During our research we quickly realised that this information would be beneficial to others within communities as well. It’s not only for those in need, it’s also useful for those who want to volunteer and give back to their community and for existing projects helping them to connect, share and collaborate. That collaboration will enable a reduction in duplication and the ability to highlight gaps in provision. All of which have the potential to reduce costs and increase reach and impact.


I’m Jaki, from If Everyone Cares CIC (IEC) and we recently launched the beta of a solution - Ododow - The Interactive Community Map - which will pin-point those charities & community projects.


Ododow™ stands for One Day - One Deed - One World and is pronounced ‘Oh-Doe-Doe’


It will be free to use and:

  • Make it as easy to find help as it is to find a hotel or restaurant on Google Maps
  • Pin-point local charities, non-profits and community projects
  • Sign-post people who want to help - to projects that need their support
  • Enable charities to connect, collaborate, reduce duplication, increase reach & impact
  • Forge stronger community links
  • Be Free to use - All Day - Every Day

To be able to provide a free service like this we obviously need to have a strong business model that will support it. We have that. Two years ago it was looked at by four vice presidents from Deutsche Bank - They spent two hours with me going over our plan. At the end they said "Jaki, this is really good. You've just got one thing wrong - Your figures!"


I wanted to fall through the floor until they finshed the sentence with "You've under-estimated them". They meant the potential for scale in a positive way.


We plan to re-invest profit back into communities via existing and established Community Foundations. We plan to get this working in the UK and then expand it out globally. We plan to Connect Communities One Click at A Time and help businesses to be a 'Force For Good'.


A Few of Our Successes to Date:


  • In 2012 this idea was voted 3rd by the public in the Global Richard Branson & Virgin Unite Challenge to 'Screw Business As Usual'.
  • Shortlisted in VOOM 2015
  • Named on the UK's Digital Leaders 100 list for the potential of the work we are doing.
  • Done everything to date with volunteers and just £9,000 of seed funding. (2 1/2 years ago I sold my home so that I could carry on working on it)


There is much more to our story and behind every part of it is passion to create positive change. When I hear statistics like the fact that every day in the UK 12 men under the age of 45 commit suicide, or the stories of homelessness, poverty or isolation - then I know that this has to happen.


Next Stage:

Yes we need funding and to win something like the VOOM Pitch or the impact category would have been amazing.


Now we want to fill Ododow™ with Charities, to get the word out there so that they add their information - creating a true community resource.


We are looking for an amazing team of passionate people who are motivated by the potential for positive social impact. This project is not about any one person - it is about everyone and it needs to be set up in a way that it is not relient on any one in particular.


We are looking for sponsors, investment, mentorship and collaborative relationships ... ...


Can You Help? If so please get in contact via twitter or LinkedIn

@Jaki_Bent - @IfEveryone Cares -


Just one more piece of information:

We put together a database of 434 Local and regional councils across the UK. If just one unemployed person from each of those areas was to find the help they needed through Ododow™ it would save £6.8 million across the country - it would not be unreasonable to think that 10 people a year from each area could be helped - that's a serious saving in money - and even more importantly a positive impact on peoples lives that extends to thier families and friends.


A Few Last Words:

IEC aims to be the missing link: Connecting Communities One Click at a Time - No matter what the need and for the benefit of everyone.

Facilitating Cross Community Collaboration

The whole concept is simple. Help and collaboration flows equally to and from each individual, charity and business involved.