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Friday highlights: Are you ready to pitch your piece?

Thought Leader

Friday highlights: Are you ready to pitch your piece?

The fifth and final of our masterclass series for Global Entrepreneurship Week took place today with the theme “Are you ready to pitch your piece?”

The room was full of small business founders who turned up to hear from our panel of experts and to participate in our masterclass run by pitch master David McQueen. Check out day five here:

In case you missed it, here are some of our favourite tips and comments from this morning…

Bonnie Parsons, founder of Seen on Screen – gave her advice on delivering a good pitch. It’s all about confidence…

P - Bonnie Parsons.GIF


Megan Thomas, founder of Full Fat PR – talked about never knowing where your next opportunity could come from…

P - Megan Thomas.GIF


Also joining us on the panel was Wanita Bardouille, director of retail sales and brand positioning at Ralph Lauren, who told us that it’s not always about what you’re saying when meeting a connection…

P - Wanita.GIF


This led on to our masterclass with David McQueen, who got the business founders in the room to consider who their key stakeholders are and how their business can benefit them. The key learnings from the masterclass were:

  1. Keep your pitch clear and concise…
    M - David 1.GIF


  2. Always consider your audience. What can they get out of your pitch?
    M - David 2.GIF


  3. If you know what your story is, you’ll be able to deliver it much better.
    M - David 3.GIF

The morning ended with our small business founders pitching their business to the room. Most of our founders had a go and received feedback from David McQueen and our host Natalie Campbell on how to become pitch perfect.

A huge thank you to everyone who took part in today’s event online or in person.

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