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Follow Pinkspiration on the BBC!

Thought Leader

Follow Pinkspiration on the BBC!

What a week.


There’s been a lot of #VOOM going around this week with our Voom Tour kicking off in Manchester. But we’ve also received some amazing news from one of our Pioneers over in South Wales!


Congratulations Lisa Marie Brown on being shortlisted to attend the International Exchange to Develop Entrepreneurial Women Changing Horizons!

RNP_MAI_190516Pink_1002JPG a.jpg 

Lisa founded Pinkspiration in 2011, which aims to inspire young people whilst transforming communities by working in the construction industry re-building empty spaces and empty shops.


Since starting up she has helped over 5,000 young people through their TV programme Transforming Spaces: Design Factor. She also works hard to diffuse the gender gap in the construction and engineering industries, and designed, built and launched the UK’s first pink Maserati.


Next week as a part of her International Exchange in Athens, she will be making video diaries about her time there as an entrepreneur, which you can find on the BBC news.


We’re really proud of Lisa and are happy to see her hard work getting noticed – so give her a Pioneers welcome and follow what she’s getting up to next week.


If you’d like to connect with Lisa tag @lisamariebrown in the comments below.