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Egg hunt for a holiday

Thought Leader

Egg hunt for a holiday

Easter is here – meaning that many people in the UK are taking advantage of two Bank Holidays as part of an extra-long weekend.


But what do Bank Holidays mean for entrepreneurs?


A lot of our Pioneers know that one of the advantages of being your own boss means that you have a lot more flexibility during the day – an ideal benefit for the growing number of parents heading into entrepreneurship.


Some feel more productive if they limit themselves to the traditional working day. Others like the freedom of being able to fit their work around their lives. But on the holidays when everyone else seems to be off – do you use it as an excuse for a break or keep going with your work?


Realbusiness suggested that most entrepreneurs actually have around 10-15 fewer days off work after starting up – they’re working more, and holidaying less. What about you?


Tell us – do you keep a tab on how much holiday you take? And how do you use Bank Holidays?


Do you down tools and relax or use the time as an opportunity to catch up on work?