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Change in season, change in business?

Thought Leader

Change in season, change in business?

Get out your spring jacket. It’s that time of year again where blue skies and blooming flowers give us hope for some warmer weather.

At least we always hope.


With more people looking to get the most out of the outdoors, are we entering your peak season for business or coming out of it? Pioneer @melissajayne’s events company is fast approaching the summer wedding season, but VOOM 2016 finalists Bio Bean’s Coffee Logs are being put away until the colder months come back around.


And if your business runs all year round, do you still notice a difference when there’s a change in season? Maybe your business sees a drop on social media, or maybe more people are walking through your shop door. It might even be tempting for you to put a few less hours into your business than you did over the winter.


A difference to your business (expected or not) can mean a big change for your cash flow. So how do you prepare for this – do you save up during your busy periods or diversify into something that’s suitable all year round?


Tell us - what’s your advice for a new business that has seasonal ups and downs?



Thought Leader

I'd definitely advise to pre-plan for those quieter months! Factor it into your yearly accounts, marketing, administration time, just everything! 


If you stay organised seasonal changes won't have a hard impact on your business. It's all in the planning ahead! Smiley Happy