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#AskAPioneer your questions – meet Tasmin Lucia-Khan

Thought Leader

#AskAPioneer your questions – meet Tasmin Lucia-Khan

On Tuesday 7 March we have CEO of Wide Release Entertainment, Tasmin Lucia-Khan, answering your questions in our #AskAPioneer LIVE Twitter Q&A! 

Tpicmonkey2.jpgPhoto by: Eye Jogia


Tasmin made her name as a news presenter on the BBC and ITV. For over 10 years she covered breaking news stories from world news to political crises to a UK audience. What made her take the jump into entrepreneurship? 

She then moved to the US and became CEO of leading book-to-film production company Wide Release Entertainment, a Hollywood film studio publicly listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange. How did she make her ideas happen?

In 2014/2015 Tasmin was named Entrepreneur of the Year by Lloyds Banking Group for her work as advertising and media expert in AdMaxim and start-up Sivvr. How does she balance her time?  


It’s your chance to find Tasmin’s secret to success.


  • Want to know how to start an international business?
  • Need advice on working in a creative industry?
  • Want to know about the different working cultures in the US and UK?

Ask Tasmin by commenting below or tweet your questions with the hashtag #AskAPioneer.


You don’t want to miss out on this!

This week we’re going stateside. 

Catch us a little later than normal 
@vmpioneers on Tuesday 7 March 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm to see Tasmin answer your questions LIVE on Twitter.