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#AskAPioneer your questions – meet Ben Towers

Thought Leader

#AskAPioneer your questions – meet Ben Towers


On Tuesday 10 January we have social media tech expert and multi-award winning young entrepreneur Ben Towers answering your questions in our #AskAPioneer LIVE Twitter Q&A!


Ben was recently voted by The Times at the top of their “Super Teen Power List” and has been named by Richard Branson as “one of the UK’s most exciting entrepreneurs”. How did he establish his own successful marketing business working with brands across the globe?

Starting his entrepreneurial career at 11, Ben turned a challenge to build a website from a family friend into his first business Towers Design. How did he turn it into a success? What motivated him?

An expert in telling his story, you might have seen him on Pocket Money Pitch (the Dragon’s Den of CBBC), BBC Breakfast as well as leading a TedX talk about age being just a number at TedXYouth Croydon


It’s your chance to find out how he got to be an international success by the age of 18. 


  • Want to know more about digital marketing?
  • Need advice on the best ways to reach a young audience by a young entrepreneur?
  • Wondering how Ben makes social impact as an ambassador to multiple projects?

Ask Ben by commenting below or tweet your questions with the hashtag #AskAPioneer.


In a first ever for Pioneers, Ben will answer all your questions with a video response. You don’t want to miss out on this!

Tune in to @vmpioneers on Tuesday 10 January 1:30 pm – 3 pm to see Ben answer your questions LIVE on Twitter.




Dear Ben,


As a young person using social media effectively, what are your views about how teenagers should engage with social media? Should young people have unrestricted access or do you think age limits are a good idea, assuming they are enforceable?


Media, publishing and social entrepreneur