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Why we need to stop saying we’re busy


Why we need to stop saying we’re busy

Virgin Media Pioneers invited me to address one of the biggest day-to-day problems entrepreneurs face – busyness.


Being an entrepreneur is a 24 hour job. We wouldn’t have it any other way. But it can mean the guilt monster pops up every minute that we’re not working on our business.


Don’t panic. You can still see your friends and be a success. Here’s how:



“Things are going great - but I’m really busy” 


Change this standard response! There are plenty of places to get support with managing your time from asking other Pioneers on our discussion forum to checking out Escape the City, General Assembly and Dent.


When was the last time you were too busy to head out?


Great vlog and so true. I wake up 60-90 mins earlier then I usually do, so I have more time in the evening to do social things. People sometimes don't realsie how much time they actually have in a day.


Thanks @aaronclarke88, glad it spoke to you too!