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Twitter Q + A Summary: Fraser Doherty - SuperJam

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Twitter Q + A Summary: Fraser Doherty - SuperJam

Fraser Doherty of SuperJam started making jam using his gran's recipes after he realised that not many people ate jam due to the amount of sugar that it contains.

We've selected some of the highlights from Wednesday's Twitter Q + A:

Question from @thetrickytricky: What is the first thing you recommend new businesses to do to get their name out there?

Answer: Social media is great but I also think it is important that you aren't afraid to knock on doors...tell your local paper your story and go along to trade fairs to get your name out there too.

Question from @Jacobrohill: Your brand really stands out. What is the key to this? #AskFraser

Answer: I think the reason @superjam stands out is that we have a really clear message - 100% fruit...and we don't don't complicate the packaging by trying to say too much more either.

Question from @codocmanifesto: You’re in the meeting that’ll change your life. How do you finally close the deal with the big boys?

Answer: I guess when you're trying to sell your product to big retailers, you need to understand what they are looking for...something that will make more money for them than what they already have on their shelves.

Question from @Msforbesworld: How did you approach the supermarkets? What made them take you on board?

Answer: I first got my break by pitching my products to Waitrose at a 'meet the buyer day'...which is kind of like the X-Factor of selling groceries to supermarkets! T hey took @superjam on for a trial, and the media coverage, sales and customer feedback were so strong...they kept it on the shelves for the past 5 years!

Question: Did you do any tests of your business plan (with market research) before launching @superjam?

Answer: The only way I tested the idea was to put my product in front of a supermarket buyer and ask what they thought...They originally had a lot of criticism of the packaging, pricing, flavours etc. I listened to them and tried again...

You can see more of the Q + A session with Fraser Doherty by searching #AskFraser on Twitter.