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Top 5 questions asked by Pioneers in 2016

Thought Leader

Top 5 questions asked by Pioneers in 2016


Throughout 2016 there were a lot of inspiring conversations going on our community. Our Pioneers are full of wisdom, and we’ve pulled together the top 5 questions from the community based on the most popular trends of 2016 and linked these to our expert advice from across the forum to help provide the answers.

Got your notepads at the ready?

1. Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is becoming an increasingly popular way to give your business that extra nudge of awareness and funds. There have been a lot of requests from Pioneers on the best way to use crowdfunding.
Pioneer FooteSam asked: How effective is crowdfunding for raising start-up costs?
Our resident expert Pioneer, Chris Norris explains how you can get the most out of crowdfunding, read the article.


2. Social Media

It’s the place to be - you can find almost any business on social media as it gives a gateway to connecting directly with your audience. But with so much noise to wade through, how can you make sure that your brand will cut through on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram? Social media for business is only set to grow in the future and Pioneers need to stay ahead of the curve.
Pioneer OnASixPence asked the community: How do you manage your social media?

Social Media Coordinator at SMMS, Charlotte Oxborough, shares her advice on how to win big with social, read the article.


3. Flexible Working

One of the big reasons entrepreneur's like running their own business is the freedom. They have the option of working whenever and wherever they want. But how do you avoid working all hours by introducing flexible working?
Pioneer JamesHampstead asked the community: What's your perfect working environment?

Read Rachel Bridge's advice on how any business can introduce flexible working, read the article.


4. Mentoring

A hot topic for any budding entrepreneur is how they can find themselves a mentor. Starting your own business means you'll be faced with a variety of challenges you never expected, and by having someone help you along after having been through it with their business, can be invaluable. From answering a request online to gaining a mentor through Virgin Startup, this was a topic often trending on our community.
Pioneer MatthewClark asked the community: How can I find a mentor?

Melissa Fisher shared her experiences of how being mentored by Nathaniel Peat pushed her business further and faster than she imagined, read the article.


5. Motivation

For every entrepreneur, there will always be that day where you need to remind yourself what you're doing is worth the effort. With support from other Pioneers, remember that you're never doing this alone. You never know when you'll need that helping hand, which is why our final top question of 2016 will help keep you inspired for the next year...
Pioneer MelissaJayne asked the community: What do you do when you're having a bad month to pick things up again?

When you need reminding where you could do next, take on our advice from business expert Rachel Bridge on keeping productive - make a list of your top 3 goals, read the article.