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Think bigger and be bolder - Peter Watson

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Think bigger and be bolder - Peter Watson

Peter Watson is the founder and CEO of Remsop Group, a business development agency specialising in technology and helping businesses find new revenue streams. Here he talks about how thinking bigger and bolder is necessary if you're going to succeed in business.

"Many people who want to get into business always tell me the same thing; that they want to run their own business and watch it flourish, but they have no idea what to do. I never really understand this angle, because if you really want to do something your mind never takes a second to rest from the overall goal, which is becoming an entrepreneur or a business leader. Even today, walking to a café, I had to stop and make a phone call to one of my colleagues surrounding an idea that just hit me. If you haven’t got one single idea, then I think you should look at joining a startup and getting into business in another way. The key difference between entrepreneurs and business-minded individuals is that entrepreneurs just never stop thinking, never stop planning, and you effectively never switch off.

How do I start? This leads me to what someone once told me: “The best way to be in business, is to be in business.” What is this saying? Just get started, start planning, and put the wheels in motion. There may be a few issues initially, but as long as the wheels are turning you are getting closer to where you want to be. The biggest hidden message in this quote is that if you’re in business you can pivot, you find your strengths, you find your weaknesses, and most of all you see what works and what doesn’t. A perfect example of this is with JustSimpleTips. This was my first real successful business, and it was created to help one of my friends showcase his car audio installation talents. We made roughly several hundred pounds per month on advertising revenue, so nothing worth shouting about. But, this isn’t what I’m saying; we were in business. From this point on we then created an audio shop, JustAudioShop, and this has gone on to be 10x more successful than the initial business. Be in business, and you see things differently.

How to keep risks low? It’s a fact that most businesses fail and you have to embrace that and work with it. What we tend to do at Remsop is run initial businesses within the Lean Start-Up model, by creating an MVP (minimum viable product). We use this because it lowers the fall rate. A great example of this is a product we are just getting involved with, which helps people get into shape. Initially, the founder wanted to run this as a mobile application. My team and I, thought the idea looked good, but to test the waters we decided to build a simpler and more basic version, which sends push notifications to a website - lowering the cost of the product and therefore reducing the pain if it fails.

Most people put way too much time into thinking and not getting started. You just have to commit. The way I operate is simple: if I tell one person that I’m going to launch a certain company, I then have to do it. Because the moment you stop following through on your actions is the moment you lose the drive to get to where you want to go. I personally feel as if the greatest risk in business is not launching your business idea, and not even giving it a chance to be successful. What’s even worse - that ‘what if’ will always be at the back of your mind and what can be more painful than that. What are you waiting for? Go and build your dream…"

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