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The Importance of Having a Business Mentor

Thought Leader

The Importance of Having a Business Mentor


Name             Melissa Ogbonna

From             Manchester

Business        Luxury Events Group - Wedding planning company that was recently a finalist in the Wedding Industry Awards.


Making sure I had a mentor in the early days of my business was one of the best decisions I have ever made. A business mentor really helps get you on the right track to sky rocket with your business idea, and make sure any crucial errors you might have missed are avoided along the way.

The impact of having a mentor

I had been friends on Facebook with Nathaniel Peat for years and when I first started my business I saw him post that he was taking on a mentee. I jumped on the chance and ever since then he has been a fabulous guide and a huge support to me from day one.


Within around 4 months of Nathaniel being my mentor, I styled the prestige BAFTA in London in 2015, met some very influential people and secured over 54 weddings and events for that year.

IMG-20161006-WA0010 (1).jpgSince then, Luxury Events Group has grown incredibly to become an international wedding planning and event styling team. This includes now being the UK based planners for the gorgeous Hotel Ambasciatori in Pescara, Italy. While there we met with the Mayor of Pineto to talk about all things weddings and we have planned an amazing photo shoot in 2017 to help rebrand the venue. This year we were a regional finalist at the Wedding Industry Awards which is a huge achievement in such a short space of time. At the moment we are discussing breaking into the destination wedding market in the Caribbean, and have just visited Jamaica to look into this further.

Most of the guidance, contacts and support along the way have come from my mentor. Not only is it difficult to juggle everything going on in the business all at once, but then you need to find the time to research legalities, shipping, import and export, accountancy, sales, marketing, contracts… the list goes on. My mentor guided me through this whole process and if there is one thing he told me that I will never forget it is to not become a victim of your own success.


Letting someone else in

Your business is your baby, your life and your whole world. At first it was a daunting feeling to let another person into that space. However, Nathaniel constantly reminded me that if I did not expand my team, I wouldn’t be able to grow or have any time for myself. How right he was. I now have a fabulous team behind me who are amazingly talented at what they do - which in turn has allowed my company to be a success.

I once got a phone call at 7:00am from Nathaniel and naturally I thought something important must have happened. I answered only to hear him ask,

“Melissa, please can you tell me why your business is different to everyone else’s? What makes Luxury Events Group special?”13690758_10153783460797157_1601158022247051339_n.jpg

At the time, I thought he was crazy. But later (when I was feeling more awake) this simply reminded me how fortunate I was to have someone as dedicated to my business as I was. Since that call, that exact question has been asked by many people I have met along my journey and I always know how to answer and make a great impression.


I highly recommend finding a mentor to anyone who is planning on starting a business, has an idea, or even if you’re already up and running. With a mentor, you will grow quicker, make some amazing contacts, but most importantly you will be successful.

Let me know in the comments below the difference your mentor has made for you.

Thought Leader

Thanks for contributing @melissajayne!


For anyone else who is looking for a mentor don’t forget that if you get a business loan from Virgin Startup you will automatically be given a mentor. You can also ask for advice from other Pioneers in our community.

Thought Leader

Thanks Melissa, forward and up you are making waves, keep disrupting the industry!