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Staying motivated

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Staying motivated

From goal-setting to cheesecake, how to be your own boss


Staying motivated with Kuljit and Gavin.png

Working for yourself may be exhilarating to start with but there’s bound to come a point when you struggle. If you’re in need of a good pep talk, here are a few hints to help keep you going:


The dangers of setting goals

Every self-help book tells you to wake up and plan what you want to get done today, this week, this month...


But failing to achieve your lofty goals actually saps your motivation. On the other hand, small successes trigger your brain’s feel-good chemicals, encouraging you to keep at it. So be realistic; hack your brain to work for you.



And be specific. Big, wobbly goals don’t seem achievable, making them easier to ignore. Break them into bite-sized pieces, until they’re a series of ticks on a list. And then work through them.


Job done.


Gavin Bell, @MrGavinBell, ‘The Facebook Ads Guy’ says, “I don't set goals for years in the future. I like setting goals on a weekly basis. I have my big vision and I set achievable, short-term, goals that I know will get me there.”


Focus on your fears

Sounds a bit negative, right? But rather than your dreams, try listing your fears. Listen to this brilliant TED talk about exactly why this is so powerful. Tim Ferriss suggests you write down all the bad things that could happen if you do (and most importantly, don’t do) them.


What’s the point?

Why did you start this thing? What are you trying to achieve? Write this down and stick it somewhere prominent. If you’ve got the ‘why’ sussed, the ‘how’ becomes much easier.


Sorry to sound like your mum…

Drink lots of water and eat properly; both really help you to concentrate. If the business is just you, then taking care of yourself is actually work.


After all, if you’re off sick, who’s running the show?


Kuljit Thiaray, @rubytiara, of Desi High Street says, “Exercise is my go-to – to help start the day off right. But also if I find that it's all getting too much during the day I will either go for a run or take some time out to focus on my breathing and meditate.” 


Press pause

You are your own boss. And surely the point of setting up on your own was not having to work for a tyrant? Book in some fun midweek. Feeling grateful about your job really does make you work harder.


Kuljit explains, “My children and family are my biggest supporters so after a tough day, just spending time with them is uplifting. But also looking back at how far I have come, just sometimes helps to put things into perspective. And when none of the above works I always turn to cheesecake and a good box set to switch off entirely.”


And finally, you become motivated by getting things done. So all you need to do… is start.


What keeps you motivated?