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Starting a Conversation About Social Media Tools - Free & Friendly

Thought Leader

Starting a Conversation About Social Media Tools - Free & Friendly

Social Media is a great way to connect with your audience, to build connections, to give value and raise the profile of yourself and/or your business.


A few years ago someone said to me that the biggest mistake they had seen people make was to spend all their time on creating a product or a brand and then launch it expecting everyone else to be as excited as they were and for it to take off straight away.


Their advice was to get to love social media, to build a profile, create an online presence, build relationships and credibility by sharing good quality information and being helpful.


It was good advice and I’m glad I listened to them.


In 2012 that advice helped me to submit an idea in the global Virgin Unite challenge to ‘Screw Business As Usual’ - and those connections helped that idea to be voted 3rd by the public - I think that was a result!


Very Brief Introduction To Four Tools That I Use Daily.


Skitch - for screen capturing.

Skitch allows you to take simple screenshots and add notes, instructions, and more. I often use it when working with developers - helping to make clear notes to explain possible changes and adaptations. Also when creating pictures for social media or blog posts.


Canva - creating images for media

Designing made easy. Hundreds of templates and elements that can be dragged and dropped to create effective designs for web or print.


Tweet Jukebox (soon to become Social Jukebox) - for media post planning

I love Tweet Jukebox - You can literally create ‘playlists’ of tweets. They can be timed for a campaign, be once and done or repeat play - the choice is yours.


Toggl - time tracking

A really useful tool for helping to see where you are spending your time. This helped me to become more aware of spending my time on the things that were going to move me towards my goals.


There are hundreds of different free & paid for tools that can & will help you towards your goals - The aim of this post is to ask each of you to share below in the comments the ones that you have found and how/why they have helped you. Also to reply to other comments with your feedback and experience.