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Start-up DiscountIF is changing how we shop!

Thought Leader

Start-up DiscountIF is changing how we shop!

So how does it work? Instead of buying products on the high street, you make your purchase online through DiscountIF. Certain items are linked to the probability of certain events happening. For example, the Ipad you've had your eye on may be linked to Chelsea Football Club winning their next game.

If Chelsea does in fact score big and the event you have your fingers crossed for happens, you will receive huge cash back on your item! Obviously the bigger the item, the more money you get back – with something like a computer you could be winning hundreds of pounds back to spend on other items with DiscountIF.


At the heart of this idea is Pioneer and CEO, Lewis Holland. Together with ex-Betfair colleagues he pondered how great it would be to win back money on items you have bought, and inspired by his love of sports and getting a good deal, DiscountIF was born.

DiscountIF are in a crucial stage of their development, although they have already received an amazing amount of support, they need a lot more to keep growing at the impressive rate that they currently are. They have launched their campaign on crowdfunding platform Seedrs and need your help to reach their investment target.

Now it's your turn, in true Pioneer style to learn more about DiscountIF, hear from CEO Lewis and give your support!