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Should you be vlogging for your business?


Should you be vlogging for your business?

In only 5 days, I’ve gained over 20,000 views of my vlogs and was featured on the BBC Radio Scotland.


Video content is taking over. Mark Zuckerberg has announced that the future of Facebook is video, and this is something you can really get behind with your business.



As the social media expert of Blue Cliff Media, I’d recommend video content to all businesses. Think about what burning questions your customers have and create video content that solves those problems.


But one avenue I’ve been working towards is vlogging. It’s much more personal way of reaching out to your audience, and can have some great benefits:


1. Getting people’s attention.

Scroll through your newsfeed and you’ll see that most of the posts on there are now video. If you can really capture someone with a video, they are more likely to remember you than from a text or image post.


2. Building deeper relationships with your customers.

Vlogging can be an amazing opportunity to introduce you to the world. 90% of clients I meet with now mention the vlogs. People like to get to know you better, and by using vlogging you’ve already built that relationship with your audience by making the effort to put yourself out there. When people have an interest in you, they are more likely to want to hear more about your business.


3. Video is huge on social media.

Video has already taken over social media and continues to grow with live streaming. Using video on Facebook not only gets a great organic reach, but with Facebook advertising you can make sure the right people see your content – and this can be a goldmine.

In August 2016 I challenged myself to complete 100 vlogs in 100 days. Before this I had always made sure to regularly blog, but knew video was something I needed to grow my skills in. By the end of the challenge I had fallen in love with creating video content, which is what led me to start the new year with a weekly vlog to keep the momentum going.


I learnt a lot about what works well over my challenge, and took the time to research what works best for the vloggers who have become huge influencers over the past few years.


These are my 3 top tips for getting your business vlog noticed:


1. Tell a story.

The best part of my 100 days challenge was that it pushed me to be creative even on those days I didn’t want to make my vlog. It’s not enough to sit at your desk and talk for 5 minutes. Really think about what your audience wants to see and how you can keep a narrative going. My vlog was recently featured on the BBC news when I recorded myself swimming in the sea over Christmas on the Shetland Islands. You have complete creative licence – think about what you would want to watch.


2. The best equipment isn’t essential.

I first started creating my vlogs using my phone. Don’t waste time creating that one perfect video as the way you learn is by doing. Get your content out there and trust that over time you will improve. When I watch my first vlogs back I now think they are terrible! But I wouldn’t change these as they were the first step in building my video content skills.


3. Don’t worry about what people will think.

The biggest reason more people don’t vlog is because they are worried what other people will think about them for doing it. Don’t let this hold you back. Over my 100 days challenge my confidence grew enormously. I realised that the worst that could happen is people don’t watch the video. What’s important is giving it a go and seeing what works for you.


The majority of my vlog views are on Facebook. When posting videos on social media, you should always do it directly so they can work well organically. In your video strategy think about which platform works best for you. If you want a video to last the long term, upload it to YouTube. If you want as many eyes on your content in the shortest time, upload it to Facebook.


The next step for me is simple - keep going. From the comments and feedback I’ve received, I can see that there is real value in creating vlogs for your business. After this success I’m also going to experiment with other types of video content. 


Would you consider vlogging? Comment below if you want any advice from me about my vlogging experiences.

Well Connected

Definitely going to start vlogging for my business. We recently did a short video series for the DVD on the front of a magazine which is coming out in February so after reading this we're thinking it should be a regular online thing for us. Even just to update customers on new products that have come into stock as well as what we're working on. 


Great stuff Justinn - be sure to share them with me! @MrGavinBell