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Share your business advice with Richard Branson

Community Manager

Share your business advice with Richard Branson

As our community knows, sharing knowledge and experience can really help a business to succeed. 

Share the top advice you've been given with fellow Pioneer Richard Branson and you could win a copy of his book!

Click through for your chance to win!

The competition is open from 16th February 2018 to 28th February 2018.

Thought Leader

I've shared my best piece of advice on the linnk for the competition but thought others may want to give their best piece of advice, here's mine:


Best piece of advice is 'Town Planning is a game, an important one but still a game' I took things too seriously and was very regimented in my views in my initial career and any decision which went against my recommendation I took personally and was very critical of myself. I soon realised town planning is bigger than just looking at policies and regulations, at the end of the day it’s about people and places, once I embraced that I became a better town planner which has led to an amazing career so far.

I also have the mantra of 'Shy bairns get nee brothe' (to be said in a North East England accent)! which comes from my fathers words when I set up on my own 'whats the worst that could happen'.


the best advice anyone has given to me, is always trust your instinct, obiovus i know. Bu ti feel so many times we go with the trend or what other people tell us to do, if its your business its your baby, the buck stops with you so if you feel its wrong to do so. Dont do it. 



Community Manager

Great advice, thank you for sharing @PlanningHouse and @AnnaBurt.

@AnnaBurt, hope you've shared yours at the link above!


I've just finished listening to his book and thouroughly recommend it. I loved the mix of crazy adventures, big ideas and tales of Richard's fascinating life.


Thought Leader

Focus on customer development over product development. There is nothing worse than spending all of your time and money developing your product or service, only to find there is no need for it. 


Also, my favourite one-liners for advice 


"There is no point being a busy fool'

"A fool is not a man who makes mistakes, a fool is a man who doesn't learn from them" 


Thought Leader

Realizing the date has passed to win Richard's book, here's mine:

  1. Don't expect family and friends to understand or support your goals, unless they are building a business idea with you.
  2. Plan, write it down and review regularly
  3. If you know for certain there's a market for your product/service dont give up! You will get knock backs/downs, always get up and re-start
  4. Meditate/take walks in natural space/s regularly
  5. If you have a story to tell, don't tell all at once.. plan the year/seasons out, chunk it!

That's my Top Five!