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Pioneer Alistair Lawson’s Tips on Starting a Media Profile

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Pioneer Alistair Lawson’s Tips on Starting a Media Profile

Pioneer Alistair Lawson of Smacking Fish recently got in touch with us to share an experience with us - that of entering competition 'This is your Life Change', a chance for his business to benefit from coaching, mentoring, and advice. We're thrilled to announce he's made the shortlist of 50, and is now in the running to make it to the final six! Here's a quick update from Alistair - good luck.

"Being selected from so many people with such amazing ideas, I feel very privileged to now be in the hunt for one of the top spots. Six people from 50 will be chosen to take part in 'This is your Life Change', a process where the 6 lucky people will be mentored intensely over a two week period by life coaches business coaches and personal trainers with a view to unlocking your true potential and to help launch your venture.

Of the 6 people chosen 3 will be selected by Mark Bowness and his team and 3 will be from a public vote. As a fellow pioneer I'd urge you to please take 20 seconds of your time to click on this link and vote before reading the end of this article:

Throughout this process I have started to build a media profile. Small but all the same we have to start somewhere right? I just thought I would share a couple of hints that I have picked up and learned along the way...

  1.  Have a great story and tell it well. The more creative the better. People want to read/hear interesting exciting and captivating stories.

  2. Reach out to local media first. They want to know what their residents are up to and will help your story reach the masses.

  3. Make sure your story has value for the audience you're aiming at.

  4. Once you have success with local media, aim big and go national!

All that said I am really hoping that I will make the top 6 and have the opportunity to share Smacking Fish with the world and that it may also make your dreams come true one day."

Alistair Lawson
CEO | Smacking Fish