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My take on Social Media and donuts!!!

Thought Leader

My take on Social Media and donuts!!!


My childhood was in a time before social media, when companies advertised & promoted their brands mainly in the classified ad’s in the back of newspapers & leaflets through doors. Only the very big companies could afford the likes of TV and Radio advertising.


The first Social media account I had was ‘My Space’

The likes of Lily Allen and Justin Bieber were discovered on there.

I had ‘Chasing Cars’ playing in the background and had managed to upload a fridge on to my page where people could leave messages using the ‘fridge magnets’ … I’m now actually wondering if I can still access it….


I then was introduced to ‘Face Party’… I soon deactivated my account for reasons I wont go in to, BUT the best way to describe it is very early, badly organised and a little bit seedy Tinder site.


Then Facebook arrived on the scene, I was quite happy with my little MySpace account and had no desire to leave, but peer pressure and the FOMO took over and I signed up.

I used it to stalk ex’s and look at old school friends and foes and it wasn’t until the launch of Beauty Boulevard that I had ever considered using it for anything other than fun.


Wanting to move with the times, I signed up to Facebook for ‘Glitter Lips by Beauty Boulevard’ and suddenly it was different.

Finding engaging pictures, articles and replying to questions was actually quite difficult and time consuming, but as our audience grew, it became really rewarding!

Getting our audience numbers up was difficult, I bullied all my friends in to sharing the page time and time again.

We bribed people to like and share the page and actually found that #FreebieFridays and #WIOAW (Win It On A Wednesday) really worked.

People really like a good competition and Facebook makes it really easy to share the chance with their friends.

We run a lot of ‘Win a Glitter Lips for you and 2 of your friends’ Competitions and get a really good response and these can get us up to 200 new followers a week.


A god send has been the Facebook paid ads though (I wish someone had told me about them sooner).

They’re great!  You can select your audience you want to see the ad.

We have a Lip Sync video currently running that a blogger did for us using our products.

We have sponsored it (or boosted it as Facebook call it). 

You can choose to show it to people who don’t follow you, so you are hitting a new audience.  You can choose the gender you show it to, the age group and you can target them through specific key words.

So, for example you can target 18-25 year old women in Birmingham who like stargazing, shed building, Kasabien and knitting – if that is your target market.

You can then direct them to your website to increase sales, to your Facebook page for likes, the choices are endless.


Not wanting to get left behind, we signed our selves up for twitter, which is quite a bit more time consuming as people tend to tweet A LOT! Lots of conversations are going on at once! By the way, how dare they restrict me to 120 characters … I have a lot to say (as you can tell).

I’ve had a dalliance with the twitter advertising and ‘Twitter Card’ but to be honest, I need to do some more research in to the best ways to get results – any helps and tips would be greatly appreciated!!!!


Instagram, Love it!

You can say as much as you like, and you can hashtag the hell out of your pictures which makes your product or service pop up in the area you know people are searching. So for example I have been using the following hashtags a lot recently - #makeup #festivalmakeup #glitterlipsetc, #summer #camping etc.


Also, you can promote your posts on Instagram through the Ad Manager on your Facebook account as Instagram doesn’t have its own yet.

Instagram is great for the ego too, I find people are very eager to ‘Like’ pictures on the account, but unfortunately it’s not very easy for them to share it with their friends as it is on Facebook.  Unless they have the ‘Regram app’ you can’t share video’s easily – I actually have that app and it only works intermittently.


SnapChat – Also I love, but there’s not a massive amount of Snapchat moments that go on inside our office – I tend to use it more when I’m out and about at beauty shows or festivals – not entirely sure I’m 100% sure about all the ‘coins’ and additional things on there but I’m learning.


Pinterest – Not really my favourite site but I have a lot of friends who love it, and it’s not about what I want, its about being where your customer is.

I’m looking in to Pinterest promotions and advertising – so again if you are a pinterest guru – let me know!



Not tried it yet, but its on my list – again any advice or helpful tips would be very much appreciated


Please get in touch with any hints, tips or comments you have!





You had me at Donuts and MySpace - some cool points here! 

Could you tell us more about how detailed you've been in using the Facebook Ads? They have such a mixed result for people and can be a bit of a black hole when spending money on marketing! 

Thought Leader

Thnks Oli,

It depends on the post I'm promoting.

E.g - if we are attending a beauty show in birmingham, i will tagret birmingham 4+25 miles radius beauty salons, people aged 18-40, with interests in beauty, hair, makeup, bloggers, MAC, maybelline,.


Unfortunatley, like any marketing its a kind of suck it and see method.

I sponsor a post, and you can check in your ad campaign, how much money you have spent, how much interest, website clicks and money you've earnt (if you are pushing people to your website).


If after 24 hoursm there hasnt been a lot of traction, then I'll tweak it.


Visoes and blogger reviews work well for us, product pictures.... not so much, people like to see what the product does, more than what the unit actually looks like.


We started off using £50 for a sponsoed post, If we generated £100 worth of sales, we would then use that for the next sponsored post.


If you have any other questions, just ask (i hope i answered it correctly) x