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How to run a seasonal business

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How to run a seasonal business

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The most challenging part of owning a seasonal business is just that! – It is seasonal and therefore completely unpredictable!

The largest part of my business Luxury Events Group comes from styling and planning luxury weddings, as well as corporate events. Wedding season however will typically run from late March until early September so making sure there is a steady flow of work at the beginning and end of the year is very important.

When business is busy

I spend a lot of the summer months on the road styling and managing all kinds of events for most of the week, as well as keeping up with all admin, social media, emails and training staff.

After a few manic seasons, I’ve learnt it’s all about balance. During my busiest months I know what tasks are important for me to do and what I can delegate or leave until later. Growing and sustaining a successful team has been very important to keep the business running smoothly. Even when work seems non-stop, stay organised to keep on top of your game at all times.

When business is slow

Do not panic!

It is very easy to fall into the trap of becoming apprehensive about what the quieter months may bring. Shift your mind-set.

Once you have identified when your quiet months are, I would strongly recommend using this time to grow your business. When my business is quieter, I make the time to contact venues, offer new proposals, get involved in photo shoots and look at my business from another perspective through market research, new forms of advertising as well as PR.

Innovation will really help you stay on top of the game, and this can be the time for you to think up new ideas and put a plan together to put these into action.

When business slows down I make sure I keep my diary filled. I prepare a to-do list with business growth in mind and ensure I tick off all items on the list. It works each and every time!

How to make sure your next busy season stays busy:

  • Network

Check in with your existing contacts. Ask how you can help them  and if there is anyone they can introduce you to. Explore and reach out to a wider network. Networking is King and always will be!

  • Research

Take a look at where your business is right now and where you would like to be at the end of the year. Then get planning! I spend time researching competitors, both locally and across the UK. This way you can check you’re not missing any tricks, and get inspired about how you can stand out from the crowd.

  • Keep on top of updates

Check that you are happy with your website. Is your pricing information up to date? Do you have time to do some blogging? These are all tasks I always need to do that I never get around to during the rest of the year.

  • Reduce overheads costs

Unnecessary overheads will cripple your business and can be damaging if you run a seasonal business. From office supplies right through to transport, always seek new innovative ways to keep your costs low to allow you to be financially comfortable all the way through the year.


  • Look after you

It can be tough but take time out each week for you or you will eventually burn yourself out! You are key to your business, so looking after yourself is an absolute must. Explore hobbies outside of work, go to the gym, or simply make sure that you separate a few hours each week for meditation or reading.