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How to craft the perfect pitch

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How to craft the perfect pitch

A vital part of Pitch to Rich is knowing how to pitch your business – whether that’s by video, in writing, or (for the lucky people making it past the first stages), in front of Richard Branson. But what makes an amazing pitch?

Here are our tips for making your business sound irresistible to just about anyone.

Have a hook

Let’s start with the basics; you need to know your hook, your USP, the thing that makes your business absolutely stand out. What problem are you solving, and how is the way you’re solving it different to any other way already out there? What’s that thing that makes your business unique?

Know your audience

Tailor your pitch for your audience – a big-time investor pitch needs to be more formal than a casual business networking event, for example. Learn about the people you’ll be pitching to and what they like. Do they have an interest in something connected to your business? What kind of businesses are they involved with already? What brands do they admire?

Cut to the chase

Don’t waffle; decide upon the most important points in your pitch and ensure these get across to the audience. It can be easy when nervous to go on and on, but keep things succinct, easy to understand, and – more than anything – simple. If people can’t figure out what your business actually does (more common than you might think), they’re not likely to have confidence in you.

Show off the team – and yourself

You’re not just pitching your idea – you’re pitching your team, and yourself. Anyone who invests in your business is also investing in the people making it happen. Show that you’re dedicated, let your personality shine, and people will have confidence that your concept is in safe hands.

Be realistic – and be honest

Don’t promise the moon on a stick – be honest about what your business can do, the possibilities and limitations. Multi million pound forecasts are likely to raise scepticism rather than awestruck gazes.  If asked about problems, talk about how you’ve overcome them or are planning to address them rather than sticking your head in the sand and pretending everything is perfect.

Be confident

But equally, don’t sell yourself short or be too humble. This is your chance to really sell your product and shout about how awesome it is, so don’t gloss over your achievements or pretend they’re not really good – they are.

Show you’ve done your research

Knowing your industry inside out goes without saying – but make sure you really, really do. Go above and beyond when it comes to being absolutely on top of the industry trends, how your product fits into the current scene, or what tech you think is going to change everything. Ensure you’re an expert (or that you feel like one!)

Practise, practise, practise

You might think you’ve got your pitch down to a fine art, but little things are always waiting to trip you up when you’re not expecting it. Practise your pitch again and again. And then some more. And you’ll still be horribly nervous, and you’ll still probably forget the words for a few seconds, but you can rest safe in the knowledge that it’s all in there somewhere – you could pitch in your sleep.

Let your passion shine through

Don’t lose sight of what’s important; your incredible business. The business you give your time and effort to, the business you’ve been dreaming about for years, the business that you’re completely passionate about. Let this passion shine through, because it’s the most important thing. Time and time again you’ll be told that being an entrepreneur is difficult; passion is what propels you through the difficult times to success, so make sure you have enough of it for everyone!

Fear is an energy: enter Pitch To Rich 2015 today.