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How to Attract Investors: From Dream to Reality

Thought Leader

How to Attract Investors: From Dream to Reality

Video content is a powerful tool. Jaki Bent, founder of IfEveryoneCares, found this out when she posted her DIY TED Talk on Twitter and triggered a potential investor to get in contact. Here she shares her story with the Pioneer community…


TED & TEDx Talks have inspired and motivated millions of people around the world. They are fantastic resource for any start-up. Often providing words of wisdom through talks that last less that twenty minutes.


Whether it is Amy Cuddy with "Your body language shapes who you are" - giving you confidence to pitch. Or maybe Simon Sinek, author of "Start with Why", with his talk on "How great leaders inspire action". The list is endless and covers virtually any subject you can think of.


dream to reality.png

Earlier this year close to where I live they held a TEDx - the theme was 'From Dream to Reality'. A title that I am sure resonates with many Virgin Media Pioneers.


I had been exceptionally lucky to be invited by the sponsors to attend a pre-TEDx dinner. One of the speakers took us on his personal 'Dream to Reality' journey. Sharing ups and downs, moments when he'd questioned his sanity, times when 'fate played tricks' and others when it gave gifts.


Everything he said resonated. A variety of emotions ran through his talk. From elation to fear, despair to clarity and no matter what he hadn't given up. Now he was talking to a roomful of people, having achieved success. The following day he was going to talk to an audience of thousands with live streaming around the world. All because he hadn't given up.

If you listen to other TED talks you will hear the same pattern again and again, speaker after speaker. Passion, conviction and determination got them through times that had often felt hopeless.


"Don't quit five minutes before the miracle" is a saying that helps me to keep going when things are tough. We never know what's around the corner or how close we are to success. 


Now imagine that you have achieved your goal. Imagine you're about to do your first TED Talk. 

  • What would you say?
  • Will your story inspire others?
  • What mindset and attitude do you have?

The day that TEDx Exeter was on I decided to stand in front of a camera and record my own Dream to Reality talk. I just did it. One take and took the plunge of posting it on YouTube. It was while this years Virgin #VOOM was on and I thought just go for it - share your dream.


Here's the video that I posted that day. Looking back at it now there are many things I would change. 


My UnOfficial TEDx Talk 

From this video and sharing my why, followed by posting it on Twitter, I was approached by a potential investor.

The story continues ...


Are you up for a challenge here on Virgin Pioneers?

Have you got the courage to do the same and share yours? Will you do an unofficial TEDx Talk? Will you share your why and your passion?


We could start a new trend on Virgin Media Pioneers - sharing our dreams on video - what do you think? Anyone up for the challenge?

Thought Leader

If you have an idea, you need to put it out there to see what it can attract and what you can create. If you do nothing, then nothing will always happen.