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How do you do holidays?

Community Manager

How do you do holidays?

Mellissa Jayne, @melissajayne, from Luxury Events Group posted this question about work/life balance and how small business owners take a break – and it got us thinking about this summer.

Are you working through it?


And if it’s just you, how exactly do you take a holiday?


Taking a break (1).pngWe caught up with Mark Leruste, @markleruste, founder of The Unconventionalists to get some advice:


Have you taken a holiday this year? Last year? Since you founded?

I remember the first holiday my partner and I took after leaving my job felt almost a little weird. Because I had pre-booked everything back when I had a steady income, and here I was, running on savings feeling like I needed to be careful with spending even though it was all paid for!

Do you check your emails, take calls or bring work on holiday?

I do my best to switch off completely from emails. I also tell my clients that I'll be away and won't be ‘contactable’. Saying that, last year we went on holiday with my partner's family and I did take a few client calls during the week. Which actually felt nice as it was sunny and I could jump on Skype.

Can you delegate to anyone else?
Not really! That's the hardest thing about building an expert business; you are the talent. As in, I'm the one delivering the value, be it the workshops, talks or one-to-one coaching and mentoring.


So one of the things I'm looking at doing, following a great conversation with the folks at Entrepreneurial Spark, is to create assets and grow a team to give me the option of removing myself and still being in business.

Is there any technology (cloud apps, Hootsuite, Skype etc) that make holidays more doable?

I'd say Skype and Zoom are probably the two apps I use the most when connecting with clients. WhatsApp too!

What’s your work/life balance like? Has it improved since you set up your business? 

I think I've got a little better over the years, and again, my partner has been amazing. As we both run our own businesses she is really adamant about shutting down our laptops at a certain curfew in the evening so we can spend time connecting. And I think without that I'd be working pretty much 24/7!


Any tips for other business owners in need of a break?
I think the biggest lie we sell ourselves is that we must constantly BE ON. As in, we might watch a video of someone on YouTube telling us we need to be grinding and hustling 24/7 and that whoever is willing to work harder will win, but I say, at what cost?


Do you agree with Mark?

When did you last take a holiday – and how did you manage it?