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Highlights: #AskAPioneer Twitter Q&A with Vibe Tickets

Thought Leader

Highlights: #AskAPioneer Twitter Q&A with Vibe Tickets

We hope everyone enjoyed our Twitter #takeover with Pioneer and #VOOM Finalist VibeTickets yesterday! Just in case you missed it here are some of the highlights….


When raising your first round of funding, fine-tuning your products and services is key…


Explaining your business in a story and having a clear plan is best way to pitch to investors…q&a2.png


Following other young #StartUps is a great way to stay connected and inspired…



A true Pioneer knows, if at first you don’t succeed…


@VibeTickets: [Before Vibe] I had one successful business and one unsuccessful! My first was a call centre which I successfully exited and the second was a student magazine which ultimately wasn't scalable..#LearningCurves


Promoting through your own social networking sites, does it work?


They do say “No man is an island” - Luke shares the best bits of the journey…



And one final message of encouragement to other young entrepreneurs...



q&a final.png


Thanks again to VibeTickets, and for everyone who got involved and asked a question – they made for a really exciting and insightful couple of hours!


Our next Twitter #AskAPioneer Q&A Host will be announced shortly – watch this space!


If you’d like to be part of a Twitter Q&A, get in touch with me here in the Pioneers community – I’d love to hear from you!


Well Connected

Great Q&A and so interesting to know what people want to find out about a start up!