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Drawing On Experience: Mark Leruste and the 7 day startup

New and Networking

Drawing On Experience: Mark Leruste and the 7 day startup

There are many different ways to get your message across in business - writing, video, infographic. Recently however, team Pioneers was fortunate enough to meet entrepreneur Hans Boot of Ideas*Bureau voor de Vorm. Hans and his business partner Roberto Devido create intricate and wonderful illustrations which at the same time convey important and entertaining messages.

Storytelling is a vital part of business; a strong story and an individual way of telling it is the cornerstone behind every successful brand. Han's method is a unique form that we'd never quite encountered before - so we were excited to work on a collaboration and to tell someone's story through this medium. But who?

Step up pioneer Mark Leruste - a life coach and New Countries Manager for Movember. However, not content with this, he also decided to take the plunge and start a business. Sick of always having great ideas but never the time to follow them through, he committed to a daunting experiment - creating a business in seven days with just £100. And 'Heaven Shakes', a range of dairy-free protein shakes, was born! The illustration below tells the story, from concept to execution, and the lessons he learnt - with a dose of wisdom from Richard Branson thrown in!

Mark leruste

To find out more about Ideas*Bureau Voor de vorm and what they do, check out their website. And to find out more about Mark, his website can be found here!

New and Networking
It just goes to show that NO MATTER what, if you put your mind to it, you can achieve your goals! I will definitely be taking a new look into my next 5 working days to see what I can do to boost my results!!!

Great! Thanks for sharing !
Not applicable
Great story! So in this case, would you even put together a business plan? Like Mark, you could just have an idea and get on with it - iterating upon it from client feedback and getting to the right product that way?
Hi Ross, I wouldnt recommend spending much time if at all on a business plan. I didnt. A business plan is more for when youve figured out how to map out your process and prove how youre going to generate income. As an early stage startup I find business plans a bit of a waste of time. But thats just me. Plus I find it gets in the way of just getting out there and talking to real customers to get feedback thats actually going to be useful. I believe business plans at the very beginning is just another way to avoid testing your business idea. If youve identified a problem and can provide a solution, go test it!
Yes Dan! Go for it and make the most of your next 5 days.