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#AskAPioneer your questions - meet Ian O'Donohue

Community Manager

#AskAPioneer your questions - meet Ian O'Donohue


Ian O'Donohue - Harry Brompton sq.pngOn Tuesday 13 June Ian O’Donohue , the founder of Harry Brompton’s London Ice Tea will be hosting our #AskAPioneer LIVE Twitter Q&A!


Harry Brompton’s London Ice Tea is an award-winning alcoholic and non-alcoholic brand, which came about when Ian was working as an energy broker in the US. He had discovered ice tea, the popular Southern US beverage, in his wife’s home state of Georgia, but felt it could do with some improvement to capture the interest of the UK market.


Many caffeine-induced sleepless nights later, Ian tells us that he finally came up with the perfect recipe using a blend of Kenyan teas and natural ingredients. He also invented the character of a British gentleman explorer called Harry Brompton which has proved very popular with customers.


After almost a year of juggling employment and the startup Ian’s big break came when the Harry Brompton’s London Ice Tea was listed with Waitrose. It was then that Ian decided then that it was time to make the jump, leave his day job and work on his new business full time.


Since then the brand has gone from strength to strength, and now’s your opportunity to find our more.


Looking for startup advice then send us your questions.


  • Want to know how Ian knew he’d hit on a great idea?
  • How many teas did he try before he found the winning blend?
  • Need advice about growing your own business?
  • What do food and drinks startups need to consider?

You can ask Ian by commenting below or tweeting your questions with the hashtag #AskAPioneer.

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity!

Tune in @voompioneers 
on Tuesday 13 May 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm to see Ian answer your questions LIVE on Twitter.