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#AskAPioneer - Your Q&A with the Black Milk team

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#AskAPioneer - Your Q&A with the Black Milk team


We’re super excited the boys from Black Milk are back - and this time they’ll be hosting our #AskAPioneer Live Twitter Q&A.


We recently caught up with Andy Young, @BlackMilk, from the fast-growing chain of decadent and fun milkshake/cereal cafes in Manchester and Bolton. It all began as an idea of his business partner Olly Taylor and, well, it really snowballed almost before it started.


With an initial investment of just £1000, their nostalgia-flavoured plans quickly generated a lot of interest in the national news. So much that they decided to ask the shopping mall they were about to open in to knock through a wall so they could take over two units. That was before they even opened!


Always ready to consider investment from the right partners, they have continued to stick with their bootstraps approach. Which has meant a lot of very long working weeks - it’s definitely worth asking them about this if you are starting out.


They’ll be able to help with questions about starting their business in Manchester, food buying, supply chains, franchising, suppliers, premises, marketing and more.


They also understand the power of social media. With such tempting food on offer, they can give you tips about presenting things in a way that grabs everyone’s attention.


Find out what makes the Black Milk team tick


Here’s the deal: Ask Andy and Olly your questions in the comments below, or tweet them with the hashtag #AskAPioneer.


They’ll do a live Twitter Q&A, answering as many questions as they can from 12pm to 1.30pm BST on Tuesday 25 July (you can send us your questions right up to the start, or send them LIVE and we'll retweet them to Andy and Olly).