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#AskAPioneer Highlights: Tasmin Lucia-Khan

Thought Leader

#AskAPioneer Highlights: Tasmin Lucia-Khan

We hope everyone enjoyed this week's #AskAPioneer Q&A special for International Women's Day, with the CEO of film studios Wide Release Entertainment, Tasmin Lucia-Khan.


Just in case you missed our Q&A, here are some of the highlights.


"I feel like I'm doing a hundred jobs in one"


"That level of responsibility definitely hasn't changed"


"I want to be in a position where I can do more"


"Don't stay quiet about your achievements"


"You need to learn to deal with so many different types of people"


"It's definitely the future. Will it be replacing the big screen? I don't think so"


"Hear me loud and clear - there is no myth"


"Talk to people. Friends, family, anyone you can get your hands on in the industry"


Thank you Tasmin for being our special guest!


Something we've missed? If you want to get some advice from our Pioneers it's not too late - ask our community.