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#AskAPioneer Highlights: Jess Ratty

Thought Leader

#AskAPioneer Highlights: Jess Ratty

We hope everyone enjoyed this week's #AskAPioneer Q&A with the Head of PR at Crowdfunder and founder of the Cornwall Camper Company, Jess Ratty!


Just in case you missed our Q&A, here are some of the highlights.


"It's about your target, network, marketing plan & reaching the right people"


"Both - but crowdfunding puts the people foremost"


"It's all about planning"


"Think about who you're trying to stand out to"


"Sheer passion, determination and a bloody good support network"


"Get people to taste it!"


"I absolutely hope so"


"Reward based campaigns are better for start-ups and equity comes later"


"We're all here to help support you"


Thank you Jess for being our special guest!

Something we've missed? If you want to get some advice from our Pioneers it's not too late - ask our community.