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All work, no play? No way! - team building for small business

Community Manager

All work, no play? No way! - team building for small business

Whether its building rafts or a few responsible drinks in the pub, even small firms are realising the benefits of team building.


Terry Pearce.pngVOOM Pioneer and director of 360 development solutions, Terry Pearce, @terrypearce is a champion of the concept, regularly hosting morale-boosting events and workshops to help groups work together more efficiently.


We caught up with Terry to find out why team building is so important – even for small businesses.


Why should businesses make time for team-building?

If the only time your team has together is in the pressurised office environment, it can be hard to build close-knit relationships. Most teams will be grateful for the chance to try something new in different surroundings, so this kind of event can be seen as a bonus or reward.


What do you think the ideal event should involve?

It could be building rafts or bridges in beautiful countryside retreats, but it doesn’t have to. It could be a sensible visit to the pub. The two things it has to involve are time and space, in the workplace or outside of it, where you’re not just talking about and focusing on work.


What things inspire you?

I am a total bleeding heart. I love helping people and want to make the world a better place. I love London but also the countryside. I’m currently on a bit of a walking kick. This year I’ve walked in Nepal and the South Downs, as well as along Hadrian’s Wall.


Have you always worked in training?

I studied photography at university but got disillusioned with it and my chances of making it in anything besides snapping babies or weddings. I took a couple of unrelated jobs, one in customer service training at One2One, which is now T-Mobile/EE. Customer service and management have helped me improve my communication skills, while training itself is full of transferable skills.


Terry’s top tips for team building:

  • Blend fun, challenge, mental and physical exercise, light-hearted competition, building trust and problem-solving.
  • Learning happens best when looked at from a variety of angles, rather than making assumptions about the best way to develop people.
  • First priority should be agreed learning outcomes – enjoy being creative in how they are achieved while working from a base of proven ways of working.
  • Take your team out of their normal surroundings to improve how they work together. This can significantly boost productivity and morale. 

Terry has delivered workshops, consultancy and other development solutions to clients across Europe for over ten years, from small businesses to large public sector organisations with several thousand employees. 360 development solutions events are tailored to suit requirements, can last from one to five days, and can be indoor or outdoor, urban or rural, economy or luxury.