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5 benefits of sharing a workspace


5 benefits of sharing a workspace

Over the last 3 years I’ve had the pleasure of ‘wearing many hats’ in and around the skyrocketing world of shared and flexible workspace.


As the founder of, which unlocks savings & opportunities for members of co-working spaces, I’ve been able to work, visit and interact with members in approximately 200 shared workspaces around the world.


Recently I was invited to give several short talks on the hidden benefits for growing businesses in shared workspaces. So that’s what else makes co-working awesome - other than access to an affordable desk and decent Wi-Fi that isn’t in your kitchen.


At distinct moments in these talks I could instantly tell who in the audience had shared a workspace with other businesses. From silently agreeing with distinct nods of their heads, to beaming smiles as they whispered “So true!” to themselves; this piece covers the 5 benefits that got the most positive responses from the various communities I spoke to.




1. Avoiding cabin fever.
Working from home is lovely! For a while…


Then, you find yourself going a little bit crazy. Joining a shared workspace gives you daily interaction with other people, which is a physical human need, even for the most introverted game-changers among us.


Since human interaction is so important, make sure this isn’t an obstacle in the way of your business success.


2. A reason to put your trousers on.
Building a company has amazing, inspiring, heart-lightening highs.


But it also has soul-crushing, all-doubting, and brain-numbing lows.


Having a community that expects to see you, and who are in (or have been) in similar situations gives you an added layer of support to keep going towards changing our world - even on those darkest days of building your own start-up.
Give your project the best chance of success by betting against the tougher days with a supportive community.


3. Spaces that fit just right.
So many workspaces are popping up around the world. It’s been estimated that by 2020 there will be over 26,000 co-working spaces worldwide.


This means that there are now spaces for almost every niche. Spaces exist for fashion companies, freelancers, biotech companies, and almost every stage of growth. Having like-minded folks around you can also lead to unexpected collaborations and new projects.


This means that it’s now possible to find a workspace that’s not only comfortable, but also allows you to join a community that wants you to be your amazing self!


4. Do more business. Really.
During one of my talks to a room full of freelancers, I stopped to ask all the attendees to raise their hands if they’ve ever tried co-working in some form.


A fair proportion of them raised their hands.


I then asked them to only keep their hand up if they have directly done business with the people who sat around them and shared their workspace.


Not a single hand went down. Not one!


When was the last time you sold your services or products through the people sitting around you in your favourite coffee shop?


5. Co-working memberships are more valuable than ever
The vast growth and diversification of these workspaces makes now an amazing time to become a member.

Some workspaces bring in experienced mentors and put on amazing events. Others organise morning yoga, afternoon runs or weekend adventures.


More than 120 co-working spaces have even pooled their members’ buying-power together to unlock huge savings through


To make a long-story short, you get so much more than just an amazing desk with stable internet when you join a shared workspace.

Thought Leader

Thanks for blogging for us Hector!

If you'd like to know more about him, Hector is the founder of which saves money for the businesses within shared workspaces around the world.


A pleasure Amy! If there's any questions, I'll do my best to answer them as quickly as possible Smiley Happy